Cooler Master TKL Round Up: MK730, CK530 & SK630 Low Profile Reviews


Checking out the latest TKL or Tenkeyless boards from Cooler Master. 60% just not for you? Maybe TKL is the answer – see what the latest boards from CM have to offer.

BIG CORRECTION: I misspoke – the CK 530 actually has Gateron switches, not Cherry MX. My bad guys and thanks to Apocalypse R3 for the catch.

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32 replies
  1. Uncle Gamer
    Uncle Gamer says:

    TKL has become my keyboard of choice. I tried the smaller designs and just do not like them. For brands I like the value of HyperX solid basic keyboard. My peripheral brand of choice however is Logitech. The Pro is a GREAT TKL board and the G613/G603 have shown me what true wireless looks like and I am in love. If they do a G613 in a pro style with TKL I will be rushing to give them money.

  2. James Cromartie
    James Cromartie says:

    CM had made killer boards for years, still love my QuickFire TK's and my Pro S. I have been wanting to try the new replacements for the Pro S and Pro M since I love the frame change and looks of the new boards. The SK series missed their mark by using flat caps over the curved caps we're all used to and other slim boards are using.

  3. this aint it chief
    this aint it chief says:

    you should try pressing the low profiles slowly, then you will notice how scratchy those actually are
    i had a low profile corsair for a month and couldnt stand the feeling by the end of it, so i bought a leopold

  4. Packed Review
    Packed Review says:

    Great review dude loving it! Ill have to check these out as well for when I purchase new parts for the PC build. I might hit you up to see what you think for the build. Now I have to add keyboards to the list lol. Also the digital recorder is that a Zoom H4? For when you were recording the sounds for the keys?

  5. Carlos De Bernard
    Carlos De Bernard says:

    I am a guy that love keyboards and as you know a fan of…. I like the the last one but if the linear is the way to go. Maybe making a change of the plastic can be better for a cost. I believe these is the new way of keyboards

  6. ErelBlog
    ErelBlog says:

    I pre-order the gmmk compact size and I worry about that…
    the full-size keyboards are suck (for my taste) they are giant and not comfortable to use, so I bought the 60 percent keyboard layout because I want a smaller keyboard than the full-size
    tkl keyboard is in the middle size, it isn't a huge keyboard but not the tiniest.

  7. verboten8
    verboten8 says:

    Man, I had been really interested in that low profile keyboard. I saw Dave's review and was a little bit disheartened. Watching this, I'm quite sure that it was the right decision to wait.

  8. Seth Cheak
    Seth Cheak says:

    I think we are in a great position as consumers, as far as these smaller producers starting to take a bigger share of the market, it creates great competition in the industry which will give us more options and hopefully a fast, ever improving and creative choices for us buyers.

  9. SeanfromSydney
    SeanfromSydney says:

    I’m loving the keyboard market right now. I think the smaller players are pushing the envelope but these bigger guys theoretically have the economies of scale so if they get their act together we should see lower prices, shorter wait lists and higher quality than smaller companies could achieve. Loving it.


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