CNET Tech Review: Will the Xoom make you unfriend your iPad?


This week on the CNET Tech Review: the Motorola Xoom goes on sale with a hefty price tag; protecting your privacy on public Wi-Fi; the Top 5 reasons people don’t ‘like’ you; and it’s iPhone versus iPhone in this week’s Prizefight.



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  1. Aston Williams
    Aston Williams says:

    I think that the zoom is going to be a good product i just purchased it off of ebay i am going to see; if its good or not. I am an architecture major and i am going to be mailnly using it to turn my projects into powerpoint to build me clientele a little bit;

  2. madmaxmadog
    madmaxmadog says:

    the size of these tablets is confusing to me….are they trying to be as big as a laptop or as small as a phone? also why anyone would buy a tablet instead of a laptop is beyond me…. it's not like you can fit the thing in your pocket.

  3. t4705mb6
    t4705mb6 says:

    I saw this child's toy and just laughed and laughed and…..LAUGHED! Millions of people die every day from thirst, starvation and no medical care. They don't die because they're stupid, they die because they're crushed and USED – just like Xoom buyers. How about doing something worthwhile with your money besides feeding your damaged egos? People are soooooo SICK – and getting MUCH sicker!

  4. MConstantine
    MConstantine says:

    @ceddyced39 Remember, the iPad 2 doesn't offer widgets or customization of the screen so it has more to process on the get go. All you get are icons on the iPad 2. I was on the fence for a couple of months but this review by TechHarvest helped me decide. Probably one of the least biased comparisons out there.


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