Chuwi VX3 Android Tablet Review!


Check out the tablet:

This tablet has really great features, especially for the amazingly low price of $196. It features an 7″ 1920×1200 display at a pixel density of 323. Also an Octa-Core processor which runs intensive applications with no issues. This tablet should definitely be on your list if your looking for something small and compact to carry about. Not to mention the 3G Capabilities!

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  1. WolfRanger2008
    WolfRanger2008 says:

    I completely understand why you think it is "pointless" to lable very obvious controls.  That said, I've actually worked as a Tutor/Teacher of How to use or  surf with the typical Desktop/Laptop and Tablets to "Senior Citizens" and many of them JUST DON'T GET IT! Ugh.  Seriously, really stupidly simple concepts such as a Back Button/Arrow or Universal Power Button Symbol" Triangle" and etc.  is incomprehensible to them.  Some older people have short term memory problems and can not remember the controls although  I want to be clear, I am not talking about Alzheimers patients I mean just older people who don't like Tech but for reason have decided to learn.

    It is an exercise in Complete Frustration and Patience Draining.  The point being Chuwi was wise to include text cues because some people are technologically inept. Understand I am not criticizing your review; only making an observation that may help you understand the Chuwi's logic.

  2. Joseph Thomas
    Joseph Thomas says:

    Great video and Brilliant content to your channel.
    Do you have any advice on getting hold of products to review for a new start? Obvious would be to review your own tech first.

    Keep it up!


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