CHUWI Hi8 Pro Review: $100 Windows and Android Tablet


A quick review of the CHUWI Hi8 Pro $99 Android and Windows tablet. Pretty much two reviews in one as the tablet is pretty different in each OS. Sorry for the video angle while we change camera equipment. We’ll have more videos on this device soon so be sure to subscribe! Have questions or know what we should test? Let us know!

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Android 5.1 Lollipop
8 inch 1920×1200 screen
Microsoft Windows 10
720p Cameras
Intel Atom x5-Z8300
USB Type-C
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  1. Riley
    Riley says:

    This review was very in depth and detailed I appreciate the time you spent putting this together. I do have one question. I noticed it has a micro HDMI port. I was wondering how the graphics would look on different devices such as a Sharp TV or a HP computer monitor. Any information about how the audio/visual transfers over. Thank you for your time!

  2. jan mark maturan
    jan mark maturan says:

    I am so frustrated and in deep regret that I purchase this device. That happened when I found out that the apps I installed are so impossible to move to an external sd card, it doesn't have the option to do so. I just had mine 2 weeks ago, how I wish I could return it to the seller and get my money back.

  3. Spexxos1
    Spexxos1 says:

    How is the screen like? I read that there is an edge between the glass and the display itself so that it feels like you are not directly interacting with the screen but rather with the glass.

    Is this tablet a good replacement forthe old Lenovo A8-50 (A5500-F)?

  4. Vernal Scott
    Vernal Scott says:

    Looking at your hands and the tablet from a distance for the majority of this 'review' is extremely irritating. Please allow viewers to at least get closer to the subject matter or don't bother. Sheesh! That said, your description of the tablet was useful.


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