Chuwi Hi10 Plus Laptop/Tablet Review - DUAL OS - 4GB + 64GB -  1080P - ULTRA THIN


Chuwi Hi10 Plus Laptop/Tablet Review – DUAL OS – 4GB + 64GB – 1080P – ULTRA THIN
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10.8.inch IPS FHD Display – 1920 x 1080
CPU: Intel Z8350 Quad-core @ 1.44 Ghz
GPU: Intel HD 400 Graphics
64GB Internal Storage
Dual Band Wifi AC
Front 2MP, Rear 2MP Camera
Bluetooth 4.0
Windows 10.1 Home + Android 5.1
8,400mAh Battery (quick charge)
Weight 686g
8.5mm Thick

—————— Favourite Hardware:
Gamesir G4S Game Controller:
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26 replies
  1. Bobbie Bealls
    Bobbie Bealls says:

    I've been using mine for over a year now and only complaint I have is the glass screen is way too fragile. It's easily broken. Once it cracks the touch stops but machine continues to work normally. Just switch to keyboard and go on with business as normal.

  2. Pepsiman2006
    Pepsiman2006 says:

    For those that were wondering. The Hi10 Pro Keyboard is compatible with the Hi10 Plus In case you want to upgrade the keyboard later. Note: The keyboard is slightly smaller than the tablet.

  3. Pepsiman2006
    Pepsiman2006 says:

    I've recently picked up this tablet and am enjoying it. Just wondering if the HI10 Plus tablet is also compatible with the HI10 Pro keyboard if I wish to switch to a more solid keyboard?

  4. Hassan1610
    Hassan1610 says:

    Great review, really good detail! How much of the 64gb storage was allocated to android? Since on my once I have 46.1gb allocated to Windows and only 7gb allocated to android, so it doesn't quite add up to the promised 64gb 🤔

  5. charles branch
    charles branch says:

    I'm liking this tablet, I'm on the fence between this one and the Teslast T-Pad 98. Although the T-Pad 98 has far superior cameras and is rooted, this tablet isn't rooted (meaning bloatwear) but has offers duo boot OS which is very desirable! Moreover they are both priced around the same price.


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