Chuwi Hi10 Dual Boot Windows & Android Tablet Review


Chuwi Hi10 Dual Boot Windows & Android Tablet Review

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10 replies
  1. Darren Gator
    Darren Gator says:

    Very interesting concept, I like the idea of a dual OS tablet, can you imagine if someone came up with a tablet that will boot iOS, Windows and Android? Now that would be a tablet I would get!!!! Great video Dave.

  2. Leszek Lesner
    Leszek Lesner says:

    Is the bootloader open on that tablet ?
    I hope it isn't that 32bit UEFI crap.
    The windows 10 system is 32bit or 64bit ?
    What about Android 32bit or 64bit ?
    Did you notice any heat problems. I have a Intel based Tablet here with the same chipset (but a 7 inch one) and it overheats when charging via quickcharge and browsing the web & watching videos which leads to turning the Wifi chip off and I need to wait several hours (or have to put the tablet in the freezer for some minutes) to use wifi again. (otherwise it just stays off or can't connect to anything)

    Btw. just a short notice. There is nothing called 'Google Android' or 'Googles Android'. There is only Android.
    Android is primarily developed by Google but not by Google alone. There is the Open Handset Alliance which includes many many firms and companys working on Android and its code. And as Android is basically an OpenSource/FreeSoftware project every manufactorer builds its own binary version of it.


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