Chromedeck Tips and Tricks!


Please give a thumbs up if you enjoyed! I hope to be a participant in the Chrome OS pilot program to be able to test a CR-48 notebook. More information about that in a video very soon!

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  1. korwinblue
    korwinblue says:

    Why call it "Chromedeck"? That's stupid. No where on the page labels it as "Chromedeck." All the branding is "Tweetdeck." You said you'll call it "Chromedeck," but then you say you'll just say "Tweetdeck" and then you alternate between the two when referring to "Chromedeck." If you're going to call the web program by a different name, at least be consistent.

    There isn't even any logic in why it has to be called "Chrome-anything." None of the other Chrome programs have "Chrome" as the prefix.

  2. George
    George says:

    @marquesbrownlee @MagicRevealer09 i know in my latest video i did a voiceover. Very hard and you have to think about it while you are filming.

  3. MagicRevealer09
    MagicRevealer09 says:

    @marquesbrownlee I see. Is there any suggestions for the voice over thing? I personally can't do it, as my in Camtasia Studio 7, when I play it back, the audio and the video is out of sync until I render it. You said this is due to my computer been old, and I can't fix it :/

  4. MagicRevealer09
    MagicRevealer09 says:

    Hey Marques, great video! I've got a few questions.

    1) What web browser do you use?
    2) Do you record your videos and then do the voice over afterwards? I've tried to do this but epicly failed.

  5. Allan Baguinon
    Allan Baguinon says:

    @marquesbrownlee Oh sweet. No stutter, self explained good.
    Really? So before 0.5 or directly at 0.5? I would love to use this for my videos. I want continues play of the video.

  6. Allan Baguinon
    Allan Baguinon says:

    Wow, you are really good to review this.
    All of it is professional. Did you teach yourself, or did you get computer lessons?

    By the way, I am YouTube Partner now. But in Camtasia Studio 7, how did you get the transitions as the Fade effect while the video is playing. When I use that it pauses, then resume back to the rest of the video during the transitions.

  7. Austin Evans
    Austin Evans says:

    I've switched from Chromed Bird to TweetDeck for Chrome but I'm not totally satisfied. The lack of a notification sound is annoying and even in a pinned tab it just doesn't work like I would expect a normal Twitter client to. That said I'm going to keep using it for now as with a few tweaks I think it could be quite good.

  8. MTT Now!
    MTT Now! says:

    Marques, can you help me, in my chrome, when i open a new tab i get this message
    This webpage is not found.

    No webpage was found for the web address: chrome-extension://bfeohnfeojimciljjcbhhonmkjjgidcl/newtab.html

    More information on this error
    how do i fix it? I have already tried re-installing


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