Chromebook Pixel Unboxing & First Impressions!


First Look at the Chromebook Pixel, a Super-High Resolution Laptop!

Google Chromebook Pixel: Explained!

Buy a Chromebook Pixel… If you dare:

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Outro Track: “Channel 41” by Deadmau5




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  1. Willie simpson
    Willie simpson says:

    Apple sucks! I'm not dissing Steve jobb. rip!

    But I like the chrome pixel. Its decent. I might get me one. Probably next week. Gotta order it tho. That might take long to get to me. But Im definitely getting one. I use a chrome at my school. It's pretty easy. It's good for notes and homework and different assignments.

    Like other computers you can spend 2 or 3 hrs doing your hw and you sign out and thought you saved it. But it didn't save. Now your crying for 3 hrs of your life.

    But with the chrome. Its amazing. Helped me a lot. Saves automatically! So yeah. I'm getting one for college.

  2. Doctor_
    Doctor_ says:

    I know some people may disagree, however.

    In my (totally not professional or biased, harsh, hateful, or crude) opinion, I think there is definitely some room for improvement in the Chrome OS itself in not only in any bug(s) there may be or however you may put it. But in the way they're going about it with themselves, as an operating system. Now without getting into anything unnecessary, I feel Google could really boost some of their market value and overall costumer base by rounding out Chrome OS into a full blown, easy to use, Operating System. In the way that we download media on any Chromebook we can see that file support, management, and an overall very important part of the OS experience is missing from the current Chrome OS. Maybe someone out there will see this and be like "Damn what is this guy thinking. He is completely stupid!" Well if so, that's perfectly fine, the internet is a free place, for you and me. Now, back to the OS. Some things I would definitely like to see added or refined in the OS include things stated above, file management, media, ect. Including somethings that maybe you've heard of/thought of before. Offline usage, a more independent OS, more than just the Play Store, and ease of file storage on the actual device may help people to see you and think "Ah Google. What more could you need?" Now I know you're trying to make changes, always, that will make the costumer happy. If we're happy you're happy, for many different reasons. Now, if you want to build your business more independently and productively you have to look for the long run. Finding that one thing you're good at is great, but helping the community to grow as a whole is better. You, Google, need to make yourself THE THING to have. Not "the thing to have"-with my pc. Or -along side my other device. I can tell you maybe getting the vibe here. Individualism. You need to be the best you, be you a company or person alone, make the world remember you for what you did good. Because i know you can do a lot.   

  3. Josephine Raju Charles
    Josephine Raju Charles says:

    nice vid. Also, these upcoming comments are my brothers b/c he does not have an youtube account he is using mine. My brother's a fan of yours. absolutely thinks ur hilarious and so informative.your vids are so awesome and you are inspirational is what he says to me. 


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