Chrome OS: Explained!


A 4G Chromebook would be a seriously awesome laptop. Thumbs up!

Samsung Chromebook:
Acer Chromebook:

Chrome Web Store:

Side note: The CR-48 is the only Chromebook that has not been updated to the latest version of Chrome OS with the “Aura” UI, which is super beautiful:

And yes… This is probably less of an “Chrome OS: Explained” and more of an “Chrome OS: Appreciated!”




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  1. Rich Daley
    Rich Daley says:

    They are definitely selling better now! It is now the future. You can get a chrome book that does almost everything most people want for less than $200. I have a few different devices. A MacBook Pro, a windows desktop, and iPad etc. I find the chrome book useful as a device between my MacBook and iPad. It is good for when I want a keyboard but don’t feel like firing up the MacBook like for emails.

  2. lapulapu54
    lapulapu54 says:

    Marquis today is February 20th 2019 and this video was shot back in mid-2012 look at as you predicted chrome OS is way ahead of its time the reason why I'm commenting on this particular video is because I just went ahead and purchased the Acer spin 15in from Amazon I also have a Google Chromebox at home as well crazy I appreciate both of them less chances of any malware or virus because it's just a browser the only way I believe any malware can get into my operating systems if there is an extension of an application from Android or another type of application I put in other than that I find it hard to get into Google chrome to maliciously abused it thank you Marquis very much and again this was back in 2012 ………crazy

  3. KAY DE
    KAY DE says:

    The only reason the chromebooks arent selling out as much is cause it doesnt have the google play store which brings down most of those delicious yet soft chocolate chip cookies we all want I know its there in some chromebooks and its hard to find and update as well but added to that there is also the high price to those chromebook internet browser and flash plugin is also great as well but the app needs more game apps music apps and so much more so yea lots of work needs to be done.T.T

  4. Caretbay47
    Caretbay47 says:

    The problem with this is that… nobody has any use for a "chrome emulator" i mean for fuck sake… i dont need a computer that cant run exe files and things like this… my phone has more functionality… just sayin

  5. Jeff Robinson
    Jeff Robinson says:

    Watching this in 2018. I have an Acer Chromebook R11. It does about 98% of what I need to do and that is because I haven't seriously tried to do the other 2% yet. Windose is a pain in the arse to use after using a chromebook.

  6. Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor says:

    Nah dude. It's been proven that Google spies on you, and asks for "Permissions" to the weirdest things just to install some apps. (Like really….why would my CAMERA need access to my CONTACTS?…or why would a NOTE TAKING APP request access to my PHOTOS!?….like…what sense does that even MAKE!?) So nope…no Chrome OS for me….I'll stick to Linux where I can have a modicum of protection and security through firewalls….iptable manipulation…things like encryption, oh and the entire open source so I can SEE what's going on in the background. Google can keep that crappy OS! Not interested.


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