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Card Wars – Adventure Time | iOS iPhone / iPad Gameplay Review.
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  1. BatteredSkullSummit
    BatteredSkullSummit says:

    i built a badass deck mono blue based around psionic architect. decklist:

    4x Psionic Architect
    4x Brief Power
    4x Crystal Ball
    3x Falling Star
    1x cloud gazer
    4x Witch Way
    2x Snake Eye Ring
    2x Puma Claw
    1x Wizard Migraine
    1x Teleport
    1x Haunted Windmill
    1x Tax Reduction
    1x Blood Transfusion

    I've beaten many black card power decks with this list, the idea is to crank out one massive turn on turn 1 or 2 by going off with brief powers and witch ways into crystal balls and snake eyes, then dumping your psionic arcs. onto the field, play tax reduction for free floops and recurse either more gas if needed or puma claws for creature removal, then once i have all 4 psions on the field and a clear board recurse enough falling stars to empty their mana pool. 1x teleport means i can potentially recurse 5 spells in one turn. the blood transfusion is either to burn out a finish or just stay alive if things go south. You can do a maximum of 25 lifedrain in a single turn this way, as early as turn one

  2. Neptune _
    Neptune _ says:

    shouldnt be that i had extra money i got 10 gems i didnt have anything else i wanted to buy so i got 10 gems i used them all up and i got a sand knight which has 20 attack and 20 defence and its special ability is give all your creatures 5 defence which is really awesome and also got sandfoot 10 attack and 17 defence and because of this i was able to get more cards like mud angel and 4 star spells im super happy i guess its just luck u need

    I HATE CABBAGE says:

    I played for a while, my favorite character is probably Merceline, I like this game so much that I watch the cartoon and since then, I never look back. I still hate the in app purchase though……. why………….whY…………..WHY!?!?

  4. russell zutell
    russell zutell says:

    i hate how they made card warz look like a very hard game that doesnt make sense… i love this show and card wars but why cant the creaters focus on the fun, not the money. creaters need to realize more fun means more money

  5. Isaiah Santiago
    Isaiah Santiago says:

    I mean as long as you have a jail broken device you can just get the tweak for free in app purchases so that should help some people. No way I'd be winning these matches this far without all the gems I've used to build this deck 😜

  6. Thomas Giles
    Thomas Giles says:

    A real shame. I remember watching the episode this game comes from and thinking: "I would so love to play this game!!" But alas… corporate greed spoils everything, again. /sigh/


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