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How to use your phone and tablet as a second (and third) monitor display – This is free and works on both Android and iOS and within seconds you can turn ANY tablet or phone into a dual-screen for your laptop or desktop. You can do it wirelessly or via a cable so you are not tethered to a desk.

Having a second or third external monitor is so helpful and it works perfectly – here is what you need to know to set this up

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  1. Red Vespa
    Red Vespa says:

    Hion Liron, this is very cool. I have an HP external monitor that I have never been able to get to work with my HP Omen laptop. I know! HP to HP you'd think would just work! Plus HP customer support has been zero for me with this issue. So, this little app turns my Samsung tablet and my Acer Chromebook into a 3 monitor set up, albeit with a couple of Windows 10 know problems but I can live with that, so take THAT HP…

  2. Kim Jakab
    Kim Jakab says:

    Thanks for this trick!

    Now since I already have extended screen connected to my laptop, I can see 4 of your videos at the same time and be 4 times more productive 🙂


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