Can the iPad Pro 10.5" replace a laptop? Photographers review - in 4K


So I bought the iPad Pro 10.5″ thinking I might be able to replace most tasks on my old MacBook Pro. I have enjoyed using it for the last couple months and have been able to create some cool stuff with it. Hope you like my review.

*Yes this whole video was edited in 4k on the iPad Pro using Luma Fusion.

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45 replies
  1. Einar Jungmann
    Einar Jungmann says:

    No homo, but I really like you personality, you are funny and have good reviews. Keep goin! 🙂

    Dude, Can you give me advice about transfering photos from Canon 5D Mark II ? I have CF card, so no options for SD card reader. So… ? thx a lot.

  2. curseknight5
    curseknight5 says:

    Wow this video is literally the story of my life. I have a 2013 Macbook Pro, i want to upgrade but cannot justify the price. I shoot with Fuji and do simple edits with Lightroom so iPad Pro might be the best option for me.

  3. GaryR55
    GaryR55 says:

    File management is a problem, though, as well as file storage. Yeah, sure, there's tons of free cloud storage available, but I feel a bit more secure having some physical backups, as well. But, I can use my laptop and my iPad 2 as storage devices once I get the 2018 iPad, right? Frankly, I don't trust these 3 in 1 flash drives, yet, and the wireless external drives are a little buggy, too.

  4. GaryR55
    GaryR55 says:

    Sure……for that matter, so can the 2018 iPad 9.7. It all depends on what you've been using a laptop for, in the first place. The only thing I still use a laptop for is photo editing, and that's only been because I've been using Silver Efex Pro 2 in Lightroom 4.0. With the latest photo editing apps that can do B&W worth a shit and the 2018 iPad, the only impediment is the image size, but that's no problem, really, as you can enlarge any image to print at any size, regardless of its native size. It's this 20 year old technology called "bicubic interpolation," and then, most of us are mostly posting images online, anyway, where the pixel dimensions don't matter at all, like they used to 20 years ago. Damn, what was I waiting for?! Oh, yeah…..I really haven't been, as I've done a bit of RAW photo editing on my iPad 2 in Snapseed.

  5. Chris P
    Chris P says:

    Anyone find a great way to organize photos on the iPad Pro 2018? I like to make an album by year, then make sub folders, such as: album: 2008. Sub folders: 1. Christmas, 2. Thanksgiving, 3. Birthday. 4. Vacation to Florida

  6. Terence Kearns
    Terence Kearns says:

    I had the option of buying the NEW ipad pro, but I didn't like it so got the 2017 version like the one you have here.

    The new one is too flimsy. I reckon if you left it on the couch and someone sat on it, it would be toast. Anyway, check out the bend test on youtube. Alos, I hate that they removed the headphone jack. I don't want my kids to be frying their brains with bluetooth earbuds pressed right up against their brain. The buds literally transmit to each other (the ios device transceives to only one) through the soft tissue that is your brain. Signal strenth increases exponentially with proximity. Insane. Anyway. Not many would agree with me. I still think the 2017 device is good enough for today's applications – and it can be charging while using wired headphones 🙂

  7. Okaydead
    Okaydead says:

    Just got around to watching this, very random but I actually have a camera tattoo in the exact same spot almost exactly the same kind of camera. Crazy!

  8. J Sh
    J Sh says:

    Thank you for your review, it is very helpful. However, I have one question – how can you use clone stamp tool or any other tools on Photoshop, which require holding alt button down in order to use them? Do you just add a keyboard to it or is there any other way dealing with this?

  9. Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker says:

    I was going to get an iPad mini 4 as my new drone controller and pubg/fortnite mobile gaming set up, but with the prices on craigslist right now the 10 inch pro makes perfect sense. I hope apple comes out with an actual laptop replacement iPad that can literally run the full Lightroom and Photoshop with A7R3 RAWs and process HDRs without hesitation some time soon. Microsoft almost got us there with the surface pro on paper, just not in practice yet.

  10. Shirish Shete
    Shirish Shete says:

    Apple has stopped support for the card reader and the lightning to usb camera adapter so effectively one cannot download photos directly from the camera. The new software update 11.4 is the problem, I was wondering if you have any advice especially downloading the full res pictures and the RAW images. Tks in advance.

  11. Tom Braithwaite
    Tom Braithwaite says:

    What about connecting a hard drive to an iPad? I understand they have a usb to lightening adapter but I also understand tjat hard drives are formatted differently. Is it possible to connect either one? (Non Wi-Fi hard drive)

  12. Photo Concept Photography
    Photo Concept Photography says:

    Hello thanks for the upload, I just wanted this Ipad for traveling to transfer photos form SD to an external drive for back up and also for the resolution and to use to present work for a prospective client. would you recommend this ipad ?

  13. moira chalmers
    moira chalmers says:

    fab video. quick question – i know u can open a photo from lightroom mobile into affinity and carry on working on it there but can u then take it back to lightroom mobile and have those affinity edits show up in LR? if not what is the point of being able to open apps from LR? cheers

  14. Bryan Hapke
    Bryan Hapke says:

    Apple's security model enforces strong isolation between apps. Each app gets it's own storage and can't see files stored by other apps. This prevents a lot of problems with malware, but also prevents a conventional file manager experience. I would be very surprised if this changes ever. Since the iOS file manager app is controlling folders on a cloud-based storage and not on the local file system, it's allowed.


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