Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro Unboxing & Review!


In this video I unbox and demo the Brydge Bluetooth keyboard for iPad Pro –

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47 replies
  1. Free Will
    Free Will says:

    Unfortunately apple has neglected the Mac for years now a lousy Mac store, with old no touch display technology, if your a lover of T rex then get a MacBook ,I’ll stick with the iPad and also a 2 in 1 laptop, never a MacBook 💻, Another Great upload “Thanks!!” 👍

  2. David Simons
    David Simons says:

    I bought a Logitech keyboard this Brydge keyboard is like better.makes me feel like i wasted 150 dollars on a Logitech keyboard.this is like 50 years ahead of it

  3. TampaDan
    TampaDan says:

    Excellent review. I am awaiting delivery of my Bridge later today. Do you need a special cover to protect the back of the iPad? If so, what do you recommend?

  4. Daniel Tojcic
    Daniel Tojcic says:

    If you press a key on one of the corners/edges does it register? I didn’t like how my previous Brydge didn’t register unless hit squarely in the middle of the keys

  5. sydjaguar
    sydjaguar says:

    There is an issue with multitasking from the bottom in iOS 11. I have had to remove the keyboard and use this independent of the iPad. The other issue is the shims on the hinges, they wear off if you take off the iPad on and off.

  6. Miroslaw J
    Miroslaw J says:

    So it seems that this keyboard has unfortunately major design flow, it is not possible to put apps in split view when using it. To use all multitasking gestures from ios 11 you need to be able to swipe up for dock and take apps from dock to split view, it is not possible here.

  7. qudsgn
    qudsgn says:

    Nice! That‘s a great and early quick look. I already pre-ordered the german version, takes obviously a couple more days until final shipping. But after watching this video, I know it‘s worth to wait. 😁 I‘m curious if my ipad fits with my slickwrap skin on.

  8. Ramadevan Ramachandaran
    Ramadevan Ramachandaran says:

    Hi, did you manage to find out about  the control centre . can you kindly update me. for example when you are inside one app and you would like to bring up another app side by side how would you do it with the keyboard since you can't swipe up within the app.


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