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About the Product

Hello. This is Boxscoop.
The litter box is a real struggle, for all of us. This system will change that but before we explain the intricacies, we would like to tell you how it came to be. From a young age, I have been passionate about design, efficiency, and simplicity. When I grew up I became an Engineer. Michelle and I are both passionate about fairness and respect for all creatures. The disconnect between integrating the litter box into the household and having it ethical for our cats drove us crazy.

From the start of 2017 through to Oct. 2018 we stood by helplessly watching my sister face an aggressive breast cancer; I coped by spending copious amounts of time fixated on designing a better litter box. We approached it from a completely different angle demanding the utmost efficiency with zero compromises. The vision was to create the perfect synergy between human AND cat needs. I hope you share our vision and help us bring Boxscoop 2.0 to life 🙂

James + Michelle

First, we need to meow this out.
Boxscoop has modern aesthetics and because your eyes cannot catch the corners (there are none) it appears smaller than it is. It’s an illusion… it’s not meant for 25 lb cats but it is bigger than a standard litter box and far more ergonomic to the way cats move.

Boxscoop is chore-free to maintain, stops litter tracking, raises next to zero dust, and is designed from cat behavior studies for cat comfort… plus, it’s modern and looks nothing like a litter box.

What they say about our first model.

We released our first model in July and the feedback was incredible. We recorded every detail and consistently analyzed for improvements. Success for us is making the most number of lives better. We brought the first model to market ourselves; we can do infinitely better together with you. This is Boxscoop 2.0:

Link in the project:

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