BMW M850i Review: Top-down speed and tech


The BMW 8 series disappeared back in 1999. It was this gigantic touring coupe that I really wanted to just take a ride in but then, poof it was suddenly gone. Flash forward and the 8 Series is back with a new design and a whole lot of new tech.

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  1. Amadeus Kurisu
    Amadeus Kurisu says:

    Considering for only 70 thousand more you can buy a Tesla model S which includes bio-weapon defenses heated seats for all passengers five seats decent cargo capacity FULL ELECTRIC and the self evolving autopilot and being one of the most drop dead beautiful cars i've seen i'd sooner pay almost twice as much for the Tesla although TBH if i was to pick between a Audi R8 Tesla model S and BMW M850i i'd sooner buy the R8 because audi's cars are soo pretty


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