Bluetooth 5.0: Explained!


Breaking down one of the newest features of the Galaxy S8!

Explained playlist:

Video Gear I use:

Outro Track: Say Nada by Shakka




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  1. I Elrick
    I Elrick says:

    Who's here because they love Say Nada and when reading comments on that vid saw comments about this vid and wanted to see what the fuss was about coz major FOMO

  2. xyoxus
    xyoxus says:

    Sonos is a insane piece of shit.
    They were fantastic in the beginning and I used them a lot (through the PC and mobile App).
    But now, the app is insanely slow and you can't close it when you're not listening music (pressing the x button does nothing and force closing it also does nothing).
    They now also kinda sell your data even though you payed like 300 bucks for a speaker.
    Mine is now only being used for extending WLAN.

  3. awkc 63
    awkc 63 says:

    With Bluetooth 4 I could get 100 feet through an open area, and about 40-50 feet through a total of 4 walls. Idk how all these people were having bad Bluetooth experiences, must just be not great things you're connecting to.

  4. Frank Partida
    Frank Partida says:

    He kind of flew past the “walking around the gym” part, but that’s pretty awesome…leaving your stuff at the bench to go get a a quick drink of water let’s others know you are not done with equipment.


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