Blackberry Priv Review!


A new Blackberry… running Android!

Blackberry Priv:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track:




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  1. Prince pal
    Prince pal says:

    Blackberry ,if some berry is black then it's definitely would be invention of Canadians n Punjabis ,berry is Canada n black is Punjabi n Priv ahm ahm your Trump cards wrestlers😂

  2. Roseland Style
    Roseland Style says:

    The Priv sucked ass, I had after my Passport sims card slot stopped working. Battery is the worse, and the processor is super slow. I am using the KeyOne now, much much better, but the passport is the best phone I ever owned

  3. Capt Dave's Sport Fishing
    Capt Dave's Sport Fishing says:

    guess this isn't for me, since I understood about half the words you said to describe this item.
    why oh why can't I find a simple, zero fluff, BS filled, actual phone, that'll have a app or two for business purposes.

  4. Sara p
    Sara p says:

    I bought my priv in april, 5 months was enough to make me hate it. Its slow, frequently crashes on websites and apps. I cannot turn off the camera shutter sound on my version of the phone! Even when it is on "total silence" the phone makes noises for no reason or explanation and camera is still loud. It often freezes while taking screenshots for a couple of minutes and takes forever to restart or turn on after it was been turned off! The camera does not connect to apps like snapchat or instagram making the photographs quality very poor. My father has an older version of the phone and likes it however its a no for me.


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