Blackberry KEYOne: 2017 Comeback?


Can a new Blackberry actually hang in 2017? You have to want it!

Blackberry KEYOne:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track by Hocus Pocus


Phone provided by Blackberry for review.



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  1. the FrenchShay
    the FrenchShay says:

    I find Blackberry wonderful work smartphones nowadays. One of my first phones was a Blackberry and the only phone I kept for years before trying out android phones and regretting it I actually bought a refurb one like 4years later out of frustration.
    I'm still very nostalgic of these solid and unique phones. Probably gonna grab a KeyOne for work purpose as iPhones failed me for the past 4years and keep my newly acquired Xiaomi for personal use. Oh and about the wireless charging I find it the most frustrating technology ever, when you think it's charging for hours and find out you're about to go out with a non charged phone because it was 99,9% uncentered ffs !

  2. jneroo226
    jneroo226 says:

    I miss having a Blackberry. I'm considering the Keyone over the Key2 because of the price. I hate spending more than 200.00 for a cell phone. I just won't do it because I know I'm being robbed. That said, great review and this guy is one of the most polished reviewers I have ever seen. I'm surprised he's not on GMA or something for their tech talk. Someone should get this guy for mainstream media before it's too late.

  3. Dr.Nippal
    Dr.Nippal says:

    Priv is one of my favorite looking phones of all time, but the software was such trash it was literally un usable practically frozen constantly every app would crash and that was a brand new one. Returned it after 10 days

  4. 4 ron
    4 ron says:

    Marques, even after a year I still enjoy this phone and your review nailed it! Well done. This got BlackBerry back on the right track.

  5. Ujjwal Sharma
    Ujjwal Sharma says:

    I really love the Blackberry prive keyboard concept. I am thinking to buy a prive but i m' little bit confused for the software update. Is there any possibility for making new another phone in tha prive formfactor.

  6. ConquestN98858
    ConquestN98858 says:

    I love the physical keyboard as I only use my Blackberry for Data…(still talk on a flip-phone) I started with a Curve, then a bold 9930 and now a Classic! Just ordered a Key One on Amazon and am looking forward to the larger screen over and above my previous models!

  7. ladybug123212
    ladybug123212 says:

    I love this phone. always loved the physical keyboard and have had a couple blackberrys and always for he keyboard lol. Im a fast typer and the touch screeb gets in my way haha. Getting this phone.


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