Best on iPad Pro: Artstudio Pro vs Procreate Review


iPad Pro: Artstudio Pro vs Procreate in detail! First part of 3-part comparison of iPad Pro and Galaxy Tab S3.

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    BORODANTE says:

    So as you guys pointed out, I missed one very important advantage of Artstudio: you can import Photoshop brushes (drag-and-dropping ABR files from File Manager worked for me), and they all work almost identically to Photoshop, usually with differences in step size. So good.

  2. Phantom Apprentice
    Phantom Apprentice says:

    Just get Both Artstudio Pro AND Procreate , each is a decent one time payment so no reason not to use them both and they both deserve encouragement against the tyranny of Autodesk and Adobe subscription model.

  3. CreationEdge
    CreationEdge says:

    Any updates on your opinion now that Procreate 4 has: clipping masks, cropping and resizing the canvas, symmetry drawing guides, liquify, warping, and new taper controls? Has ArtStudio Pro had upgrades in the last 6-8 months that still make Procreate lag behind?

  4. Clay Miller
    Clay Miller says:

    Have you tried Affinity Designer for vector art yet? I think it's the best vector program on the iPad while Procreate is the best raster based. Interesting video.

  5. ShiningLegacy
    ShiningLegacy says:

    I love both a lot, but I find myself using procreate to make my backgrounds or do sketches if I want them to look like actual pencil. I usually finish things off in art studio because the brushes are cleaner and the tools in it are easier to apply. While in procreate I kinda feel like I'm fumbling around.

  6. jamielusions
    jamielusions says:

    So I watched all the video and now I have a bigger question. If I can only get one, which one should I get? Because they both have really strong pros, it's hard to choose with those

  7. Soylatte
    Soylatte says:

    I just cant seem to get used to procreate's pressure sensitivity, it doesnt scale linearly like it does on every other art app. Plus, strokes dont taper by themselves either so it doesnt really work for what ive been doing. Ive currently been using clip studio since comics are what I really want to do and its been pretty great, I just wish procreate would act like other art softwares sometimes. Maybe ill give artstudio a try, it seems to have what I want.

  8. Adrius Art
    Adrius Art says:

    I like both apps, its a tough decision to make to choose which one, Procreate's strong point is its UI interface, it is focused on the tablet and stylus type of workflow. Art Studio gives you close to desktop or laptop type editing/painting functionality (minus the keyboard/mouse), If I have enough funds I would get both. Right now I can only get one. Thanks for posting this Borodante, this definitely helps in deciding on which apps to get.

  9. Manuel Camino
    Manuel Camino says:

    Does Artstudio have the same functionality Procreate has that allows you select layers underneath (like cmnd on PS) layers easily? I hate how hard is to select a layer that is underneath another one in the same area of the canvas in Affinity Photo. Is this the case of Artstudio? Thanks in advance on congrats for your awesome videos,:)

  10. Mark Northern
    Mark Northern says:

    great videos, just getting a toe in the water with digital artwork, haven't drawn or painted anything other than models for years, which program would you recommend for a beginner?


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