Best Ipad Pro Alternative For Artists? Lenovo Yoga Book Review


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I think I found a great alternative to the Ipad Pro from Apple. The Lenovo Yoga Book offers some promising specs for artists at a great price compared to the expensive Ipad Pros. The Lenovo Yoga Book has a great drawing pen which is responsive and feels like paper when sketching. Overall I would recommend to anyone who wants to save some money but still wants a decent drawing tablet in a laptop form factor.



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18 replies
  1. Tom Perconti
    Tom Perconti says:

    Nice review. Just a minor correction, you CAN use the pen to draw directly on the screen. You don't get palm rejection nor pressure sensitivity. Go into Settings -> AnyPen and turn it on. I installed an anti-glare screen protector on mine and it has the same texture as the Halo keyboard so for those times when I feel like drawing directly on the screen, it offers a nice feel.

    Another tip, by default it uses the TouchPal keyboard which I have found to cause a lot of lag when using the Halo keyboard, but by switching the input mode to gBoard, the Halo keyboard was super responsive.

    The magnetic paper pad is refillable and doesn't require buying any special paper. Just buy regular paper in the correct size (A4 I believe) punch 2 holes in the right spots and place them in the magnetic pad.

    MSRP for the Android version is $500, but there are reputable companies on eBay selling them brand new, unopened for $289.

    I was drawn to your review because of the title… the reason I bought a Yoga Book was to replace my iPad Pro. And it has. (that quite surprised me as I've been a big fan of iPads since the beginning).

    I hope that you follow this up with a more in-depth review of the Yoga Book. I look forward to it. thanks!

  2. Sam Gilmore
    Sam Gilmore says:

    good review I have one and love it The halo keyboard is great and easy to use it does get a bit to get used to but I love it. As far as drawing it works really well. I would recommend this tablet for a light easy to use tablet get it under 300 at Amazon Thanks

  3. DevonR
    DevonR says:

    The drawing with paper is great for students. Often they want the original sketches and being able to have those alongside a digital copy is great. Would save loads of time.

  4. expecTheWORSThxc
    expecTheWORSThxc says:

    hey charley,
    I don't know if the comment section is the right place for this but I'd like to ask you for doing maybe videos about 2 topics that might be quite obvious to you but that I'm trying to find out about since a long time..
    1. If I do a Shirt Design that is going to be screen printed, how do I find out the size the printing file has to be to fit the particular shirt I want to print it on and do I make different files for each size (as this might be more expensive to print) or just one?
    2. How do I rework scanned Art (Blackwork, Linework..) to remove the backround, make the black solid and have a nice even print in the end?
    These are just some video requests I'd like to mention it's up to you of course if you think these might be topics that are interesting for others, too!
    Big Fan of your channel that I just found last month btw.
    Best Regards from Trier, Germany


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