Best iPad Pro 11 Cases of 2019 (End of Year)...


It’s been a Gr8 Year for iPad Pro 11.
Here are my favorite cases.

Individual Reviews Here:

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio Review:

Cover Buddy Full Review:

Zugu Muse

Otterbox Symmetry 360

Unicorn Beetle Pro

Get your Cases Here:

Apple Smart Keyboard Folio (for iPad Pro 11-inch, US English)

Cover Buddy 2018 iPad Pro 11 Protective Cover

Zugu Muse
ZUGU CASE The Muse Case – 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch

Otterbox Symmetry 360–11-inch-/symmetry-series-360-folio-case/77-60988.html

Unicorn Beetle Pro

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11 replies
  1. Oh My Gandhi
    Oh My Gandhi says:

    Great video, as always.
    I just got my Ipad Pro 12.9, and it's been super challenging to find something that works. I love to write and illustrate, and it seems like those two creative outputs require vastly different case versatility. The ZUGU seems to be getting a ton of love by everyone, but it lacks a keyboard. If you want a "keyboard case", the ipad then becomes a super bulky thinkpad from the early 2000's.
    Being able to draw at different angles is important, protection is super important, and having the ability to type on the go without needing to bring a small bluetooth keyboard would be nice.

    It seems like the coverbuddy with the apple smart keyboard solves most problems, but having perused a ton of reviews, alot of people are saying that they've dropped their Ipad with that case, and it offered little protection and that the iPad (with the case on) becomes too top-heavy for the smart keyboard magnets to stay in place when propped up in it's typing position, I was wondering if you had any similar experiences?

    The Slim Folio case from Logitech would of been amazing if you had more than a few positions of adjustment and didn't feel like you swaddling your tablet in layers and layers of flaps, folds and other material, and I've heard that it's a pain to remove from the case, and that using the tablet in portrait mode becomes a tiresome experience very quickly.

    Right now I'm using the ProCase with a magnetic, detachable keyboard and it sports a kickstand that can be articulated to virtually any angle, which mimics my old Surface Pros from yesteryear. The only downside is that the keyboard just isn't that amazing to type on (it's not bad, it's just stiff and the keys are flat). If I am going to sacrifice weight for usability, that keyboard better be an amazing typing experience.

    Thanks again for the great breakdown of cases!

  2. Anisimmer
    Anisimmer says:

    Great video, And great recommendations 😊 Hope you dont mind that I come with another recommendation in addition to those you have mentioned, just so people can find the cover/case that suites their taste. Ive used Bookbook-cases from TwelveSouth for all my iPads so far. It has worked very well with my previous iPads, And at The moment Im waiting for a Bookbook for iPad Pro 12,9 to arrive in The mail. It covers both The Screen, And The back, And all The sides. In addition to protection it also looks great (it litterally looks like a book when you close The case), And you can have your Apple pen inside The case.

  3. Bo Borris
    Bo Borris says:

    DAMN. Cover buddy really saved the day on that keyboard case. Apple folio is by far the nicest one and I just avoided it because of the protection. After watching this I’m grabbing that combo ASAP. Greatly appreciated like always thanks mate.

  4. Barry Manilowa
    Barry Manilowa says:

    I thought the Jehovah Witnesses are against modernity and idolatry such as worshipping Apple products. I am also shocked they have an iPad app, considering they frown on homosexuality. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is gay. I guess even the holiest of rollers love tech if it attracts believers.


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