Best iPad Games Reviewed


I review 10 iPad & iPhone games for your iOS device.

Deus Ex The Fall
Redline Rush
Star Wars KOTOR
Jigsaw Puzzle
Deep Dungeons of Doom

Scurvy Scallywags
Dark Nebula Episode 1 HD
Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol
Fall Down
Spiral Episode 1

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41 replies
  1. Witherwood Studios
    Witherwood Studios says:

    hey MetalJesus…do you like bullet hell games? If so I just released my game which is a Shmup but you can control the WIND! If you are interested please give my game a try. You can see the trailer on my channel. I can send you a promo code if you want! i really think its a unique idea and a breath of fresh air to the genre. cheers.

  2. BayBar
    BayBar says:

    These games are pretty cool, although some of them have in app purchases. If you wanted you could earn money by using this app called featurepoints.
    Use that link to start earning and you'll start with 50 points. I also have a video on my channel about it if you would like to watch it. Or you could go to and after you download it you could enter the referral code 75R4FZ. Please and thanks 🙂

  3. I
    I says:

    Some of these games look neat but… a jigsaw puzzle? really?

    Also, a LOT of truly top games are unmentioned. No Device 6? No Republique? No Rymdkapsel? No ZiGGURAT? No Ridiculous Fishing? No Zaga 33? No King of Dragon Pass? Sword and Sworcery? any of the Infinity Blade games, anyone?

  4. Alexander31
    Alexander31 says:

    I have a recommendation for an improvement – After you are done reviewing the game, it would be nice to see the title again to pause the video and download it or write it down. Otherwise you are most often forced to rewind the video in order to look it up. Great stuff, keep it up!


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