Best CES 2019 Smart Home Tech: 25 Awesome Gadgets


CES 2019 was amazing! I walked through miles of new tech to put together this ultimate CES smart home round up for you.

I’ll show you the very best smart home gadgets at CES. I have some updates from big brands like SmartThings, Ring, and Arlo, in addition to tech from up-and-coming start ups.

NOTE: The hanging light at 10:33 is Yeelight’s Crystal Pendant Lamp, which should be available May 2019. I forgot to put the title on the video.

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Arlo Ultra:
Ring Door View Cam:
Schlage Encode:
Nanoleaf Canvas:
Sphero Specdrums:

See the list of everything I use in my smart home and other favorites:

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Arlo Pro vs Arlo Ultra:
CES 2018 Roundup:

CES 2018:
Light Strip Ideas:
15 SmartThings Ideas:

Writer/Editor/Director: Reed Kleinman
Producer: Alysa Kleinman

Song titled Terminant by Nihilore and used under Creative Commons. Check out his website here:

Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver paid for their own CES trip. All of their coverage and opinions are their own.



40 replies
  1. Paul Szilard
    Paul Szilard says:

    WiFi doorbells? Easily blocked with a jammer, and invite vandalism and theft. To my mind, unless these are built IN to the door and wired, they are a waste of time. Just my 2 cents' worth…

  2. Carlos Morgan
    Carlos Morgan says:

    All RING CAMERAS gonna charge you a monthly fee for storage your own video camera, if you see have to pay is not fair, just you can see video alert in real time but if happens and you not attendant in the moment, no video alert gonna save for see later ( if not pay to cloud ring storage video 100.00+ at year ). That I same they wanna make money from you ( you pay electricity, Internet, maintenance, and more ) that is insane. Not buy that kind of camera make sure before buy THANKS..

  3. CS Cheong
    CS Cheong says:

    I have been using Xiaomi smart home devices and most of it make more sense then whatever CES is offering. Really people don't need Apple alike pricing for smart home devices to encourage usage.

  4. Hara Thea
    Hara Thea says:

    The doorbells slash video intercom … multi-purpose thingy on South Korean homes are better than this🤔 This is what's really needed in our homes. The only downside is the sound & video quality i guess.

  5. companyoflosers
    companyoflosers says:

    not a fan of all the stuff based around a subscription, even if it is cheap. youde think the subscription would help reduce the cost of the products themselves though, but they dont.

  6. Keichi
    Keichi says:

    Srsly? The TP-Link LED Strips are just higher prices cutoff WS2812B LED Strips! And only 10m what a joke… I can build you the same thing in 10m for 40$.

  7. stevae wei
    stevae wei says:

    None of the doorbells are worth having. They are easy to defeat, and more trouble than they are worth. In fact, most of this stuff was crap nobody needs, and probably not going anywhere any time soon. CES needs to focus on NEEDS, NOT out of the mainstream maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybeeeeees. The ONLY thing I saw in the entire lineup that I would buy was the oven, which was ONLY a concept display.

  8. Eman ElAraby
    Eman ElAraby says:

    فعلا أدوات تجعل المنزل ذكى ومتعلق بالتكنولوجيا … شىء جميل …. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬..مصريه … وتحيا مصر بفخامه الرءيس السيسي


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