Beats X Review: One Year Later




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20 replies
  1. Nic Montero
    Nic Montero says:

    I've had mine for over 2 years now and they just now died on me. The right earbud stopped working and the seal between the wire and the mic/volume rocker started to come off. I will definitely get another pair since they are amazing and hopefully they'll release a new version with bluetooth 5.0 or something.

  2. Tim Litz
    Tim Litz says:

    Seems like from other reviews that there is a battery defect that Apple refuses to do a recall. Apples seems more interested in appearance of product reliability instead of customer satisfaction. No Apple store is replacing these even under warranty. My BeatsX battery just gave out and am ready to toss them in the trash. Liked them while they worked. I had a $10 wireless that lasted longer.

  3. Hayden Hall
    Hayden Hall says:

    I got a pair for my birthday and one side didn’t really work and then it went out by the second time I turned it on and I just exchanged it and for another pair and it’s the same thing so from personal experience they’re low quality this coming from a girl gamer and my boyfriend also games we both have a pair of sennheiser headphones mine I can cut the surround sound off or on idk if they’re supposed to have almost no volume in the left side when it’s at half or what but I think most people prefer it to be even


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