Backup Camera using Android Tablet and webcam.


Proof of concept.

Relay Breaks the Red(power) wire in the USB ext. cable. The software (USB Webcamera Pro) senses the break and closing of the relay as
connection of a USB Camera and switches table display to camera output. The trigger wire for the relay should be connected to the reverse light circuit of your vehicle.

If I get a warm day, I’ll get this installed and make another video.

Thanks to Craig Brugger for the idea and the USB software recomendation.
Xplore RangerX tablet
Logitech C270 USB WebCam
16′ USB Ext. Cable
12 Automaotive Relay




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  1. mike steve
    mike steve says:

    I know this is 2+ years old. Hope you don't mind a few quick questions.

    I want to be sure of this. It seems you use the reverse light to close a relay. That relay is what sends power to the webcam via the USB cable. Light comes on, closes relay, which closes the other side of the relay letting power from the monitoring device go to the webcam, which then triggers the software. All of that correct? Just need to find the power wire in a USB cord. Time to get out the multi tester.

    Did you, and if so, how did you mirror the image so that the left side of the camera (capturing the right side of the view) shows up on the left side of the screen? Was it just done by camera placement? Is mirror image available in the software?

  2. Ģirts Bogdans
    Ģirts Bogdans says:

    This is really cool and simple concept,wondering is there any free apps,that woud turn on camera screen on tablet when camera connected,think gonna do this for my mercedes.

  3. CyberWolves
    CyberWolves says:

    Hi, @davkenrem you say that the camera powers on when break lights turn on rite ? what to do if i just push the breaks to slow down the vehicle and if the cam turn's on ?

  4. davkenrem
    davkenrem says:

    Sibi Babu: The 12v power only ru s through the relay, never interacts with the tablet or camera.Billy Grow:Thistablet is charged through a docking station, you could achive thesame thing with an OTG cable and usb hub.

  5. Billy Grow
    Billy Grow says:

    How do you have you car charge the tablet if the camera is occupying the USB slot? If you suggest wireless charging, what about tablets without wireless charging? Would a USB "Y" or splitter cable work to solve this problem?


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