Azpen A700 (7" Android Tablet): Experience Review 11/21/13


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Today we do an experience review on the Azpen A700, the $40 7″ Android tablet running 4.2 Jellybean, available from MicroCenter.



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  1. dadautube
    dadautube says:

    well, i know this post is rather old and probably no longer cared for by its uploader but maybe you'd like to know why your Azpen tablet's display screen's image is so "whitewashed" here in this video …

    it's mostly because as you mentioned it yourself too, you have set the brightness to maximum … besides, the Sony video camera you'd been using to record this video, was not quite set properly either, especially its color balance setting was not correctly adjusted to match that of a tablet monitor's color temperature … and the video camera's overall exposure setting is also more on the bright as well as 'flat' side … (not much "sharpness" …)

    my same Azpen A700 model's screen and color etc still looks fine after all these years although it's not been in much use for nearly 3 years or so anyway … funny thing is, when i picked it up yesterday after having retired it since maybe 2014 (if not earlier) it still had nearly %20 or so of its battery charge left! 😀

    overall though, as you have mentioned it here too, it's quite good at palying back YouTube videos smoothly or browsing through some other websites in terms of text / fixed image scrolling etc … but not so good (not fast enough) for advanced gaming, which is why my little daughter didn't like it and we had to get her a mini iPad at last so she could play things like Minecraft as well …

    the other problem with it is that it doesn't quite care for the added micro USB storage really … it doesn't use it much (or none at all actually!) which is certainly a drag because more than half of its own 4GB memory is already occupied by the default apps and system software and app data etc … i think that's mostly an Android problem though as i am experiencing a similar issue with two more Android devices just as well: a BLU smartphone and an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet … both of these last two items are really good in many respects (especially their super low price of $50 each!) but they don't use the added storage devices as much as expected …

    and the new problem i have been experiencing with this old recovered Azpen tablet since yesterday is that it doesn't save its own settings anymore! i have to re-enter the WiFi pw every single time i turn it on and readjust all other vital settings such as time zone for the clock etc … that makes using it a rather tedious task! dunno what's gone wrong where exactly because it wasn't like this in the past …

    it did crash so badly last time used it a few years ago and eventually had to put it aside because it could not even recover itself via hard reset … but it did accept the hard reset yesterday although it can't save its settings …

    all n all, no one uses this kind of cheap tablet these days anymore because for the same price or say for below $100, there are really good options out there and some mini iPad models can be bought new for $200 … also, Apple is going to launch a new 10" iPad for $260 next summer! if that one comes out, it'll surely break the price ceilings of many tablets!

  2. Ellen Stein
    Ellen Stein says:

    I can attach a thumb drive with an OTG adapter, the drive lights up but I can't "see it" on my device. Is it possible to view the pics on this thumb drive on tha tablet

  3. Kaji
    Kaji says:

    Hey can you please tell me the model name or number of the case because my local MicroCenter doesn't have a case like that. I like the fitted ones. 

  4. SteveHoweJeffBerlin
    SteveHoweJeffBerlin says:

    Hi. I loaded some files on the micro card from my computer.
    But when I open the file manager in this thing, I don't see any files.
    Anyone know how to fix this?

    Also, is it possible to load files on to this from USB?
    I plugged in the USB but didnt' see anything for this.

  5. per sonal
    per sonal says:

    i av a fren who is experiencing some technical problems with her Aspen A727 tablet.. she cannot access the camera, it keeps closing then something comes up saying UHD player is not working.. could someone assist please.

  6. D. Marcheta McCoy
    D. Marcheta McCoy says:

    Thanks for this review. I bought one to see if I really wanted or needed a tablet. I'm not real savvy with new technology so I didn't know if the problems I have were because I haven't learned enough about how to use a tablet or just problems with the tablet itself. So, since you're having the same problems (e.g. moving to a link when I was just trying to swipe up) I know that it's just something inherent with the machine. Overall, I'm really glad that I got this deal. $39.99 plus $4 for an extra year or two warranty and it more than meets my needs. I don't intend to play games, but I like to read, check email, social media, and bible on audio. So, I plan to totally wear this one out before getting another tablet. It's a great deal.

  7. C Hornbuckle
    C Hornbuckle says:

    I like my A700 alot.  I don't play games but use it for all my web access such as email, Youtube, CrunchRoll, calendar, book reader, etc.   It's actually very nice and works smoothly.  You are not going to beat this at $39.99 price!!!!!

  8. Creative
    Creative says:

    I still like it a lot. I would choose a higher priced tablet if available but I still can't get over watching YouTube, listening to iHeartRadio, and reading on my Kindle app on a tablet for $40. My only gripe with it is that when you go out of your wifi coverage and then come back to it, the tablet almost freezes as the tablet tries to catch up with all the Facebook, email and other notifications.


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