AutoBeyond Kids 7 inch Android WiFi Bluetooth Tablet


Autobeyond Kids Tablet is an Android tablet that enters directly in to a parental controlled application. The application is called “iWawa” and prevents the child from accessing anything that is not allowed about the parent. The parent is able to select websites that are the only sites allowed for the child to go to. The applications are downloaded only from the parent, via “KidStore” or “Google Play”, and then can be added or removed from child’s access. There are time restrictions and/or limits to child play. You can add music and movies, as well as, choose iWawa kids apps that have stories, games, etc.

The child is able to change the theme of the home page, turn on/off the music and sound of the home page too. The volume controls are easily accessible on the right side of the tablet just below the headphone port. There are two cameras available to use, but I have not found a way to switch the camera to the “Selfie” one from “camera mode”. The quality of the camera is poor. The colors are faded and it’s blurry, but doesn’t prevent my daughter from playing with it nor complains about it. The microphone is very sensitive and picks up your voice clearly. The speaker has controlled clear sound without “buzzing” or “static” noise. The case has a cut-out for the microphone, but make sure the case does not cover the microphone before use.

The silicone case gives added protection around the corners of the tablet. The handle is flimsy and may come off at some point, but hasn’t so far. Do not remove the silicone case unless replacing with another case. The tablet is very light-weight and so smooth it is slippery. If the table drops without a case it could easily break. Also, this does not come with a screen protector, I recommend purchasing one.

Downloading the applications from the “Google Play” store is easy and I haven’t had an issue with the tablet not being up-to-date to prevent downloading. That being said, the games I am downloading are for 6 years old and may not need a higher version to play. There has been issues with opening the application and it bouncing right back to the child’s home page. Once the application is opened and ready to play it has not crashed. The battery life, with consistent play, is about 4 hours before needing to charge. The tablet can charge while in use without issues with game play. To recharge it takes about 2 hours if completely dead to 100%.

Overall, I do like the tablet. The screen quality is good, sound from speaker is great and this is cost-efficient. Of course, name brand tablets like iPad and Kindle Fire are much better quality, but I wouldn’t want to pay that price, then hand over to my 6 year old daughter. Thanks for watching!

*Speaker produces clear sound without “buzzing” or “static”
*Download applications from “Google Play” store
*Microphone is very sensitive and records clearly
* iWawa app is easy for child to use
* iWawa app gives parents complete control of movies, apps, music, websites, time restrictions and to view what child uses most
* TF card compatible
* Battery Life 4 hours of consistent play time
* Child cannot exit iWawa unless knows parental password

*Camera’s quality isn’t great with faded colors and a bit blurry
*Opening an application occasionally brings you back to kid homepage
*Tablet, without case, light-weight and smooth. Can be slippery and will break if dropped.



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  1. Kleber Nascimento
    Kleber Nascimento says:

    My mom wasn't sure about a Kindle.>>>   She had a nook and learned that she loved reading books this way. The nook would become very heavy in her hands, bothering her arthritis. The nook would need charged after 1 day of reading. She also complained of her eyes becoming very dry and hurting. She was amazed how much better the kindle was. It can go days without needing charged. It's light weight and doesn't hurt her hands at all. The biggest improvement was her eyes. Her eyes stopped hurting and not drying out. Also on car rides the nook reflected so bad, she couldn't read in the car. The kindle does not do that. She LOVES her kindle.*


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