AT&T Predicted the Future!


AT&T Made a futuristic concept commercial 20 years ago that turned out to be literally perfectly accurate. It’s insane. Maybe they should make another one this year? 😀

AT&T 1993 Commercial:

“An Internet” in 1994:

Maybe AT&T should start making hardware?

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  1. George Pratt
    George Pratt says:

    gps was well in use by the military back then as of 1985 approval was given for a civilian market version touch screens date way back they just wernt very common back then organizer tablets even existed but they had no internet access of their own just a few years later there were tablet style organizers that could link to a cell phone and get dial up internet access . The big ah ha moment I remember was when they started making printers that could scan fax copy or print up until the mid 90s every office had separate devices for all of those jobs

  2. Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer says:

    Coming back to this video now is kinda like opening a time capsule. Jokes about the iPhone getting taller, old Android tablet, references to Google Glass… definitely 2013.

  3. Manoj Chawla
    Manoj Chawla says:

    These ads, films socialise an idea, which subsequently people invent, the difference between at&t and Netflix is they designed a better business model/strategy.

    That’s the difference between the groupthink in a large organisation and the new kids on the block

  4. HighFlyer
    HighFlyer says:

    It's not predicting the future if your the ones designing and building it. It's called telling people what's going to happen. I also like that you said they're not that big anymore, they have over $400,000,000,000 in assets. And they designed and built the backbone of our communications system.

  5. Jay Zee
    Jay Zee says:

    1970s: Resistive touchscreens are invented. Although capacitive touchscreens were designed first, they were eclipsed in the early years of touch by resistive touchscreens. American inventor Dr. G. Samuel Hurst developed resistive touchscreens almost accidentally.Apr 4, 2013

  6. gothatway09
    gothatway09 says:

    Touchscreen was around in the 80s, but not in the mainstream world. I saw the technology at Disney's Epcot center when I was a kid and was blown away by it. This was around 1988.

  7. Michæl Gilbert Clements
    Michæl Gilbert Clements says:

    I remember people started to forget all about AT&T because it was just a telephone LAN company. Then is ad campaign came out and we thought, wow all those inconveneint thing we hate about today will be gone in the future because of AT&T, and then AT&t did nothing. the only reason why you have an AT&T wireless cellphone is because they bought out Cingular wireless and all those cool and convenient things you can do on you AT&t moble came from other companies. Next AT&t will buy out SpaceX and we will be watching videos on vacation with our dogs on Europa and the company that will bring it to you. AT&T (American Telegraph &Telephone… & wireles communications & dog grooming & space tourism & virtual porn)

  8. Michæl Gilbert Clements
    Michæl Gilbert Clements says:

    I dont think they predicted anything, they just took all the really incovenient things of the day and Star Treked it into a commerical to inprooved their stock market value, because they didnt bring any of the to us it was cingular wireless and samsung and apple and a lot more companies that popped up since then.

  9. timespace
    timespace says:

    I remember these commercials, and it was mind blower! How can I send a fax from a beach?? No wires! no papers! I think most of these predictions came from sci fiction, plus at that time lot of things were in their infancy, such as cellphones, touch screen, and from there they made those predictions. The only thing they got wrong was the AT&T didn't bring all of these inventions.

  10. Marley robertson
    Marley robertson says:

    Actually touch screen monitors at that time did exist, but you almost never saw them. The Bob Evans restaurant in our town got a cash register with a touch monitor and we thought is was so cool when paying, the first time we saw it, I had no idea you could just touch a tv screen like that. I thought "Wow, we are going to see touch screens soon everywhere." Yeah that didn't happen. I think most of this could already be done, but technology was extremely limited. Like sending information over a wireless signal could be done, but at the time they could only send extremely small amounts of data at a time so it was extremely slow, and probably rather expensive. It just wasn't practical yet. It took many years for the technology to advance for it to be practical.


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