Asus Transformer Prime Dock!


It lives up to the name. Transformer. Thumbs up!

Best Price:

Enjoy the Transformer Prime Dock Review!



Hardware provided by @ASUS:



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  1. Aron Clampin
    Aron Clampin says:

    Great review! I have a transformer prime and just downloaded your wallpaper but the wallpaper shrinks when I set it which seems to reduce the quality, how do you get it looking as it does above? I would be most grateful for the help 🙂

  2. HoLDoN4Sec
    HoLDoN4Sec says:

    there are plenty of keyboard cases for the nexus 7… 0.o
    sure they don't connect like a BAWS but they actually do almost exactly the same things that the transformer dock does…

  3. HoLDoN4Sec
    HoLDoN4Sec says:

    chromebooks = no internet and your are basically screwed (it would work but its complete crap without internet)
    android tablets = work anytime anywhere, with internet or not 😉
    just get the docking station for your prime 🙂

  4. jintek7
    jintek7 says:

    Great video, and yes, you were most definitely nit picking with regards to flipping the screen open. LOL
    It would be helpful if you mentioned some alternatives to replace software apps like word, excel, power point that are on ultra books. I think other than taking notes in class, I will need some sort of word processing software, does Android have something that transfer over to MS Word maybe through flash drives? Maybe notepad even?

    Great Video


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