Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Review!


The Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 is built like a boss! Enjoy & thumbs up!

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  1. ٴPlumbCarton5607ٴ
    ٴPlumbCarton5607ٴ says:

    it was a very good tablet but when i updated the tablet to android 4.2.1 jellybean; it laged and slowed down ALOT to the point where it takes 5 seconds to go home, i wished it was fixed but it went unsupported right after that update 🙁

  2. Sabrina S. Soto
    Sabrina S. Soto says:

    Would this tablet still be a good device today? I'm considering buying it used from someone who's had it for five years, but I dunno if it's worth it. The price is super cheap but still; any thoughts?

  3. PaceDeliTV
    PaceDeliTV says:

    Marques question i need a tablet that has full mircosoft use for my business doc's and runs fast and has great display and great memory camera use and i need a keyboard im kinda of a baby to the tech world but i respect your opinion very much what do you think ? i was thinking about  Asus – Transformer T100 – 64GB – Gray  ???? budget $400-$500 WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND ?

  4. JhGa Co
    JhGa Co says:

    Do a Asus tf701 review when it comes out!!! Please, I love your videos and I think the tf701 is really interesting: a tegra 4, super high resolution display,…

  5. Mr Everything
    Mr Everything says:

    hours of continuous use which is no where near the 8-9 the tablet is supposed to get without the dock (on 3/4ths brightness with a few emails accounts being synced.) My last resort is to look up how to root it and see if that fixes the issues (I've heard it does) if that doesn't help I'll probably sell it for the ugly but much better spec and performance Nexus 10. I can get a case and hide the ugly back and I'd take front facing stereo speakers over the 8mp asus camera anyday.

  6. Mr Everything
    Mr Everything says:

    Do you or anyone else experience lag when opening apps or multitasking with them? I'm running the latest everything and it always does that, web browsing is a nightmare and it usually crashes and needs to restart on a daily basis. I thought this was going to be the best tablet out there but it's been nothing but problems, my first one was dropped and the glass was raised out but it had the same lag and crashing issues the one in perfect condition I got after that one. Not to mention I get like 5

  7. PersonalFitness3
    PersonalFitness3 says:

    Just sold my TF300T and thinking about going with the ASUS INFINITY TF700T. Not sure but I think they are upgrading the Infinity Pad with a TEGRA 4, anyone hear of that? The only two other tablets that I might consider are the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Samsung Ativ Q (Sweet).


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