ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA Review


Rad reviews the ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA, which is a combination Windows 8 laptop and Android Tablet.
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  1. FlipFlopFarang
    FlipFlopFarang says:

    The second i got home with this thing i opened it up and threw an SSD in there… Have been using it with a lot of fun however i barely ever used the android side. All the little glitches and bugs got annoying sometimes though.

    If they'd sell new android tablets that fit as the screen I could see myself use it for many years to come.. unfortunately my tablet fell and it broke. 🙁

  2. Da Ku
    Da Ku says:

    What? I have one and its awesome. You have to enable the asus console on both android and windows. Not only does it peer into the other devices battery but one can charge the other so dock can charge tablet or the other way around. The windows hardware is good enough to play some modern games. I play Killing floor 2 on mine while traveling. The battery life is amazing. I get 9 hrs out of the tablet. Dock varies from 4 to 6. Switch the HDD to an SSD and you have an amazing piece of tech.

  3. catzcool89
    catzcool89 says:

    I love mine! I use it for Windows 8.1 mostly and then listen to music to it via an app on the android. The music still works on the android if you switch to windows, which can be nice since the speakers sound better on the tablet than through the keyboard (two separate speaker systems)

  4. Aaron Do
    Aaron Do says:

    This review missed out a lot of things. I have one of these pieces of sh*T which thankfully I didn't have to pay for. It is extremely unreliable. There's all kinds of software/firmware (i don't know) related problems related to switching between windows and android (half the time it just doesn't work). On top of that, the original power adapter was built so flimsily it broke after I accidentally pulled the wire with my foot (the cheap plastic just snapped). Within the first year I had problems with the tablet's motherboard and it had to be repaired. I'm going back to the store any minute now thanks to the latest problem (no display).

    Nothing against Asus in general btw. I've had another Asus notebook for a little over 5 years and it runs fine. IMO this is just a matter of trying to stuff too much into a low price and a small form factor. The guy in the review says its too expensive, but I don't think it is considering the chipset its using…

  5. Glenn May
    Glenn May says:

    Thanks for the review.   I am looking for a device as I return to school to complete my degree.   This LOOKED like a great idea..  Kill all birds with one stone.   but I can see the shortcomings now and would have been disappointed to say the least by spending that kind of coin on something that is marginal at best.

  6. Cathy Pasaoa
    Cathy Pasaoa says:

    Yeah, I saw commercial of these baby and I want it I don't care… until I went to the store and ready to buy it. I check the one on display and immediately turns my excitement to a big disappointment and I don't like it what I see. One that takes the fun away is when you undock or dock it back. I end up with the regular transformer with big disappointment. Now I'm thinking of acquiring the T300 because it has faster processor otherwise, I might end up with Microsoft Surface Pro.

  7. Eric Davis
    Eric Davis says:

    Ok…when he said that the non-SSD hard drive reduces the performance dramatically, and then says that performance is one of the pros, he lost all credibility in everything he said. I'll go to a different review.

  8. trigolis
    trigolis says:

    The price has dropped since the video was made.  It's now about $1000 so it isn't such a bad buy.  I do feel the price for such a unit should be about $600-$700 max.


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