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In many ways, the Google Nexus 7 has long been the target of near perfection for an Android tablet. With a modest sized 7-in screen, solid performance and low cost, the ASUS-built hardware has stood through one major revision as our top selection. Today though, a new contender in the field makes its way to the front of the pack in the form of the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C). At $150, this new 7-in tablet has almost all the hallmarks to really make a decent in the Android ecosystem. Finally.

The MeMO Pad 7 is not a new product family though. It has existed with Mediatek processors for quite some time with essentially the same form factor. The ME176C model though makes some decision that help it break into a new level of performance while maintaining the budget pricing required to really take on the likes of Google. By coupling the MeMO Pad brand with the Intel Bay Trail Atom processor, the two companies firmly believe they have a winner; but do they?

I have to admit that my time with the ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME176C) has been short; shorter than I would have liked to offer a truly definitive take on the mobile platform. I prefer to take the time to work the tablet into my daily work and home routines. Reading, browsing, email, etc. This allows me to filter though any software intricacies that might make or break a purchasing decision. Still, I think the ASUS design is going to live up to my expectations and is worth every penny of the $150 price tag.



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  1. hmong337
    hmong337 says:

    Thanks for the review. I just bought my wife one of these and she is in love with it! I also have a Nexus7 FHD 2013 and the MeMo 7 is VERY close in performance.

  2. Warren Skead
    Warren Skead says:

    I bought one and had to exchange it because it didn't function properly and they and I got a second one that was worse than the first. Hope my dealer will give me one the functions as smoothly as the one you reviewed!! I don't want to Asus to be one my avoid list.

  3. Joe Piervincenti
    Joe Piervincenti says:

    Best Buy has a 4 day sale on this at $119.00 coming with case and 16 gig mini SD card!


    Asus 7 Intel Atom Z2520 – 8GB
    Lithium-polymer battery (3950 mAh)
    Adapter, power plug, USB cable
    Owner's manual

    7" WSVGA TN 10-finger multitouch display with 1024 x 600 resolution
    Simplifies navigation of features and showcases media in striking clarity.
    Android 4.3 Jelly Bean
    Allows you to stay productive and connected on the go.
    8GB storage capacity
    Provides plenty of space for apps, music, videos and more.
    Intel® Atom™ Z2520 processor with 1.2GHz processor speed ensures reliable performance.
    Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n network
    Enables quick and easy Internet connectivity.
    Bluetooth 4.0 interface
    Facilitates wireless pairing with compatible devices.
    2.0MP rear-facing and 0.3MP front-facing cameras
    Allow you to capture special moments in sharp photos and videos. Integrated microphone picks up crisp audio.
    microSD and microSDHC slot
    Allows storage expansion up to 64GB with a compatible card (not included).
    SGX544MP2 graphics
    For lush images with vivid detail.
    GPS with Google Maps
    Helps you easily locate unfamiliar destinations.
    Built-in SonicMaster speaker
    Along with SonicMaster audio produces clear sound. Headphone jack allows private listening.
    Micro USB 2.0 port
    For simple connectivity.

  4. Eric Wells
    Eric Wells says:

    I just picked one of these up and for the life of me, I have no clue why they keep saying its a 5 mp camera on the back, its not, its a 2 mp on the back and a 1 mp on the front – unless there are those that are out there that have a 5 mp camera on the back.  I looked at the back of the package and it states for model number – ME176CX-A1-LB – that there is a 2 mp camera on the back and a 0.3 mp camera on the front


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