ASUS EeePad Transformer Android Tablet Review!


Here’s review of my new ASUS EeePad Transformer Android Tablet!

Best Price for 16GB Transformer here:

and 32GB version:

Keyboard dock:

See full review here:



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  1. Eric Pedregon
    Eric Pedregon says:

    It's thin, and sleek. A keyboard dock, with an extra battery, with two usb slots, and a SD slot? Plus the mini HDMI, and microSD card slot already on the tablet? What does the iPad have? A proprietory connection. Two many parts? The tablet, and the Dock. iPad? Same, but with all the adapters. Steve Jobs? He worked for Apple, not Android. A totally different vision.

  2. Daniel Fonseca
    Daniel Fonseca says:

    It's funny that you kept using the farthest volume buttons on the tablet itself and not the keyboard handy shortcut ones, you probably aren't that used to it yet, but still.. Also the background music can be started and stopped of the other buttons as well.


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