Artist Review: iPad Pro 2018 with Apple Pencil 2


Find out how good the new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil are at drawing compared to the 2017 model. Apps used in this video are Procreate, Paper by FiftyThree and Medibang Paint Pro.

00:32 – Design, features
03:49 – Working area comparison
08:43 – Apple Pencil 2
12:00 – Drawing test
20:01 – 2018 vs 2017 iPad Pro drawing performance
21:36 – Pricing & conclusion

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  1. Faiitheless
    Faiitheless says:

    It took me awhile to decide what to get but in the end I got 2017 version, mostly cause, as you said, performance wise, there's not too much difference. Plus the fact they don't have a home button, which has a special place in my heart. The only upside I saw with 2018 was the magnetic pencil to the pro but that wasn't worth spending an extra 400$ (CAD) on my end

  2. Sara Zhou
    Sara Zhou says:

    Hi Sir ! I have a question about the storage. I have a Iphone with 126GB and I only use 30GB after 2 years (musics,photos and some apps on it). I wonder if I should buy the 64GB or the 256GB storage. I will use it mostly for Procreate, Youtube, musics and save some documents on the Ipad. I don't download many movies or gaming app. And want to keep the ipad for many years. Thank you Sir.

  3. Rishi Ó
    Rishi Ó says:

    Nice review. The problem with getting the 2017 model is the data port. USB-C may add additional functionality, such as connecting to external hard drives, which could be a significant benefit to many people.

  4. karm yn
    karm yn says:

    hello! Thank you for such an informative video… just curious about holding the ipad pro 2018. Im an arts student considering buying ipad pro 11, but im worried if its extra hard to hold it while drawing since the bezel size is significantly recuded. You know sometimes you just have to hold your ipad/notepad/whatever in your hand rather than on table or something. i know you mentioned the weight but thats not a problem for me since im planning to get a 11' one. Anyone…? help…?

  5. Alaia
    Alaia says:

    How long does a nib last if you use it everyday? Do we ever need to change the pencil or we can just change the nib if it ever wears off? Also do we need to put a cover on the apple pencil for protection or it's fine if we don't.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts as you are a professional and have been using it for a long time.

  6. Shuu Chuu
    Shuu Chuu says:

    That's a very good review of the iPad pro 2018, if not the best one out there 👍. I bought the iPad 11 inches and it costed me a liver 😭

    I was torn between the 11 and 12.9 and I know most artists go for the 12.9 but I wanted something a little more discreet and portable when drawing outside (which is the main reason I bought the iPad pro). I can't say if I'm regretting buying the smaller one since my Apple pencil hasn't arrived yet, but I think it should be fine.

    My roommate has got the previous model (10 inch something 🤔) and I thought it was way too big, of course it's great for drawing but quite heavy and too big to use on the train or in a café.

  7. Athena
    Athena says:

    Hi, I'd like to ask if you've already encountered problems with your apple pencil 2. Like warming up when attached and fully charge and would randomly stop working.

  8. Yi Long
    Yi Long says:

    I'm so tempted to get an iPad, but it's pretty much exclusively because of ProCreate…
    The problem here is: Should I get the iPad 2018, or the iPad Pro? Normally, I'd choose the iPad 2018, but when I buy the Pencil for that, and I want to upgrade to iPad Pro when I like the experience enough to want to improve, that pencil would be useless on the newest iPad Pro.

    So here's my question: What are you expecting from the iPad 2019? Will it be compatible with the newer IPencil? What other changes/improvements do you expect from the 2019 model? And is it worth getting an iPad and going into the whole Apple-sphere, when it's just for ProCreate?

  9. Demi
    Demi says:

    Thank you sir! I was looking for the pen latency test and what I noticed was exactly as you described. Don't stop these comparisons. Your videos make the most consumer sense!

  10. Alessandro Yupanqui Aroni
    Alessandro Yupanqui Aroni says:

    Great video!!! but i have a question that is my bigger doubt for purchase my ipad, the issue is the storage, how much space do you recommend for artist and designers, in my case i'm used to make drawings, some animations and digital 3d sculpture, thank you so much for your guide, i'm hoping your soon answer 😀

  11. Kate Swan
    Kate Swan says:

    Thx for this review. I am saving up for the ipad and I am a tween or teen and gosh it’s a fortune I am thinking of getting the older modal but seriously this review is really helpful thx a million 😀

  12. Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma says:

    I just want to ask are apps like procreate are good enough for professional work as i am an illustrator so i just don't want to spend money on things which are of no use in long run.

  13. Michael Vincent Austria
    Michael Vincent Austria says:

    I'm looking to use the iPad primarily for Procreate, any chance that things, like available layers in Procreate much better in the new iPad Pro against the 2017 one? I found a 2017 256GB model about $450 cheaper than the new one.

  14. Callan De Keijzer
    Callan De Keijzer says:

    Hi Teoh, I want to buy this for my girlfriend as a christmas present.
    She's a concept artist and wants to draw more digitally and comfortably.
    So judging by your review I'd think i'd chose for the smaller version, the money difference doesn't bother me that much.

    Knowing how much she's used to pen and paper do you think it would be better to buy her the new version of go with the previous one?

    Kind regards,



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