Are we at Peak Smartphone?


Have we reached peak smartphone / endgame in 2020?

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  1. Talib
    Talib says:

    We're at the stage when we upgrade every 3-4 yrs now. If everyone did this, we would force tech companies to be more innovative, less compromising and inspiring rather than gimmicky.

  2. C Banks
    C Banks says:

    Yes I hope we're at the end. How much more does a phones really need to do for us. Now their loading more cameras? Three? For what? Most of us aren't photographers and don't need 3 cameras on the back. And of course we'll pay more for the cameras we didn't ask for. I guess their running out of ideas. What do we need 5G for??? Just so they can expand the platform and, hype the shit up and we go buy more phones but in 5G? It's an excuse to sell us more phones. Why do we need a foldable phone? Isn't it small enough? Why we need it to fold? Just ridiculous.

  3. Benjamin Jehne
    Benjamin Jehne says:

    We have inefficient processors with batteries that are down to 90% degeneration within one year, but we now have fast charging, to kill those batteries even faster.
    We are so far away from the peak.

  4. Fresh.Mootz
    Fresh.Mootz says:

    In regards to a peak in sales is that the companies are running out of innovation and trying stupid ideas-folding phones? No. Popup cameras? No. Holograph/3d displays? No.
    Tech companies want to charge a ridiculous amount of money for a phone. People are fed up with it. Also, there's a peak because no one needs a new phone that's less than a year old.

    Front Page Tech: The answer to declining phone sales is not innovation, it's compromise.

  5. hades artemis
    hades artemis says:

    Honestly, MKBHD, i think this was a relevant discussion but highly premature at the same time.
    Before you or anyone may put out seriously this thought for reflection it'd have to be at a point where
    1) Smartphones have transcended the thermal barrier thus having gained in performance attributes to where they're considered credible platforms for professional computational requirements.
    2) Android has too reached a point where a majority of users chiefly outside the US hold on to their devices for anything upwards of two years.
    As for, people keeping their phones longer, well on the US it's nothing new.
    Most of those as bought the XR were trading in their 6s which makes it what, easily about 3 or 4 yrs spent with that phone.
    Android has yet to get there, even in the US.
    And, the maximum innovations happen in Asia and they target the Asian users – Chinese, Indian and the Korean markets are several times larger than the western markets and they sure do not keep their smartphones for long.
    The pricing helps them.
    For perspective let me cite the the price of Asus Rog phone 2 in India – probably the smoothest smartphone in existence – for the 8gb ram and 128 gb model you pay 532 US.
    The Samsung S10 lite is introduced at a similar price point with SD 855.
    So, what it enables is frequent novelties for consumers and the manufacturers bothering less with longevity.
    That's why i said that expansive usage is not yet there in the Android world.


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