Are The BMW X7 Tech Features Helpful Or Gimmicky? | Real Reviews


The BMW X7 is the companies largest SUV. It’s packed with high-end features found in its 7 series sedan. We tested them to see how well they work.

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Are The BMW X7 Tech Features Helpful Or Gimmicky? | Real Reviews



21 replies
  1. C. Lincoln
    C. Lincoln says:

    50% of the shit doesn't work…. clearly this isn't worth $108,000 USD. But… this was a paid ad by BMW so you had to say its worth the sticker price. Please be upfront about your paid ad sponsorship.

  2. ken pereira
    ken pereira says:

    I don't believe u tried parallel parking in a space like that and I don't think you were pressing the PDC button that's the reason why the system didn't work.
    The gesture control didn't work because u were seated to close and u were waving ur hand near the idrive screen too quickly. By the way the sensor is above the rear view mirror hence why it didn't work.

  3. ufuk DONMEZ
    ufuk DONMEZ says:

    Please Business Insider, find someone else who actually is smarter. It is obvious that this guy does not know how to use BMW features. I drove X3 with automatic parking feature for a considerably enough time to comment, and it never failed me. The car parked itself wheverer I thought I could not park myself everytime I tried. Has he ever considered that he was trying to park in front of DRIVEWAYS? Maybe the car knows that it is a DRIVEWAY!!!!!!!! I am literally so pissed of at this guy.

  4. Abhijith S
    Abhijith S says:

    He used gesture too fast and he didn't say the exact specific thing to activate fan so it could understand it…..
    The car can't be parked in front of the porch or "driveway" so it didn't recognised the space….
    He was still holding the steering wheel even at cruise control so we couldn't understand it was working or not
    The car wasn't bad…the reviewer was just stupid
    He don't know how to use a car….he is treating it as electric car


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