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The Archos 70 is finally here! 8gb: 250gb: This is the 7 inch 8GB version which retails for $275. It packs an ARM Cortex A8 CPU with DSP, 256mb of ram, WIFI/ Bluetooth, HDMI out, micro USB port and a microsd card slot to expand storage. It is running Android 2.1 out of the box but 2.2 is said to be rolling out this month. Take a look at my preliminary review and let me know what you think of the latest Android tablet to hit the states. Enjoy! Pick one up at amazon today:

Archos 101 review:

Video tutorial on installing market on Gen8 tablets:

Get your 32GB microsd card:


Galaxy tab:



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  1. Charlie Upton
    Charlie Upton says:

    i have just bought this tablet literally yesterday. the screen has gone black but the power LED is still on. is there anyway to reset it by taking the battery out or is there anything i can do. i bought it of amazon

  2. The Verbal Release
    The Verbal Release says:

    You said it had 256mb of RAM to store applications but an 8 gig disk. Were you meaning to say that the unit has 8 gigs of disk space but only 256mb is available to the user?

    The specs do say 256mb of RAM and an 8 gig disk, so is that not what you actually get?

  3. Oh Joey
    Oh Joey says:

    I got one for dhristmas but i realised it was the 70b thats not be released till this month it says it has 512ram and a 1.2ghz proccesor and 1024×600 pixels on the box, how have i already got it when its not been released yet??

  4. Danielle Mote
    Danielle Mote says:

    ive got the archos 70 its very handy an really good graphic basically like a computer in a way if you are gonna compare it to the ipad you just cant ipad is an amazing piece of technolgy i have an ipod touch 4g i was looking for tablets and i didnt want and ipad becuz it would be the same just bigger so i moved on to an android tablet its really good you can do more stuff on this compared to the ipad you have adobe flash abd simply press download if your gonna download a movie this is a brillia

  5. kamesenLBC
    kamesenLBC says:

    The buttonless design of the Archos 7o will put it in a good place to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update when it comes out…. Coincidence or by design? Who knows…


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