Apple Wireless Keyboard Review


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I use Windows, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy any Apple hardware without using iTunes! As a matter of fact, this keyboard happens to be my favorite bit of Apple hardware.

This is a video for the Geekanoids video contest. Thanks for the opportunity, Dave! Check it:

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Windows drivers:



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  1. AbuBakr Akram
    AbuBakr Akram says:

    It’s so weird, I found this not because I was looking for “young Marquess” charm, but because I genuinely was researching this board. Your review was excellent, even way back then

  2. VMEcycle6
    VMEcycle6 says:

    It just happened I need to check on a mac in our office. And this is the keyboard for that mac. Just found out the batteries are dead. Emmm how to change the batteries? Oh I found it. Oh fuck I don't have any coins on hand. Really? Apple? Really?
    Yeah I get it is a beautiful keyboard. But does it really matters if you just have a removable battery cover in the back? instead you have to ask users to find a coin to open the battier bay. fking piece of shit


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