Apple TV 4K reviews, Facebook ads to track physical store visits (Tech Today)


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Today’s major tech headlines include Apple TV 4K reviews hitting, HTC sending 2,000 employees to Google and Facebook’s new ad tools letting business target those who visit physical stores.

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15 replies
  1. KE7IN10454
    KE7IN10454 says:

    If you're already invested in the Apple eco system and have a bunch of iTunes movie and 4K HDR TV then make the jump. The one thing I've learned is that you will need a high speed HDMI cable (which can be bought for $7-10 at Walmart) you will also need high speed internet to handle the bandwidth it's alot of information being passed to get a pretty picture. This applies to all 4K streamers of course. But there are definitely cheaper alternatives, with offerings from Roku, Nvidia and Google's Chromecast respectable. Personally, I'm pleased with my purchase. Apple's aggressive movie pricing has already forced Amazon to lower their 4K content prices as well. So things are looking good for the consumers.

  2. Pipo Zizo
    Pipo Zizo says:

    Facebook tracks you no matter what.
    As for the Apple TV 4K, it does gives benefits for Apple TV 2015 users and for newcomers as well.
    But there are cheaper options so..yeah.
    Again the real problem is getting a TV that supports 4K and HDR


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