Apple Removes All Customer Reviews


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  1. NileshR12
    NileshR12 says:

    That's so messed up that they pulled all reviews of products on their pages. It's almost like they don't trust some of their own products for people to not leave negative reviews about their bad experiences with their products. This is literally censorship!!

  2. Chris Nelson
    Chris Nelson says:

    If you buy Apple products you deserve to suffer.

    Also nvidia. Nearly wasted around £700 on dual sli 970s before finding out that the scum fųcks lied about the specs and that my sli setup would be unworkable garbage. 3.5 fųcking GB for a 4gb advertised card. I hope everyone involved in that decision dies alone and afraid.

  3. Jm Tech
    Jm Tech says:

    Do people really read reviews on the apple site? if i wanted something tech i watch reviews on youtube from tech bloggers and alot of em to get an overall feedback of the product.
    And lets be honest 99.99% of apple products get great reviews , the haters wont like this though 🤷‍♂️😂😂 Too them there paid by apple but the 00.01% bad review they find from a trolling apple hater is the only review to go by lmao


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