Apple Pencil Test & Review using iPad Pro!


Tested and reviewed the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro using the Procreate app. This is a game-changer. You must check it out!

I teach how to draw using an iPad at
Highlights from my courses include:

– Thumbnail sketches of different creatures/characters/environments being created
– Selecting final designs from the thumbnail drawing process
– Surface, Colour, and Lighting, and Scale adjustments to give different styles
– Details, Look and Surroundings to give a sense of realism and scale
– Learning the incredible power of creating your own Procreate brushes
– Setting up different perspectives to create environments with believable depth
– Tips on how to enhance your images and give them that ‘film’ look


I work as an Art director, Concept Artist and Matte Painter in the movie and TV industry. I have a fun career history, having worked on such movies as “Troll Hunter”, Oscar-nominated “Kon Tiki”, “Max Manus” and “The Mortal Instruments”, to name but a few.

I’m fortunate enough to regularly work with Hollywood Director Harald Zwart and continue to develop my art. I am often travelling between movie locations and international film studios, and my iPad always travels with me!

Here’s where to find my courses:

Art Study Online’s website:

“Nikko’s Character Design iPad drawing course”:

“Nikko’s Creature Design iPad drawing course”:

“Nikko’s Procreate Brushes iPad drawing course”:

“Nikko’s Environment Perspective iPad drawing course”:

My home page:

Procreate (app) website:



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  1. Dominic T
    Dominic T says:

    Hey Nikko, Just got my ipadpro. Kinda feels strange right now because the sketching tools doesnt behave like I´m used to when working traditional (painting feels really good!). Probably gonna buy one of your workshops. Is that pencil somewhere included? I already fiddled around with the pressure curve but I think its the behavior of the pen brush.

  2. pcy pls
    pcy pls says:

    i tried drawing on an ipad pro and i found that my biggest problem is that it's almost too smooth for me to draw on it?? any tips??? thank you so much

  3. Frida
    Frida says:

    I'm thinking about buy a iPad pro. nut now there are gen 1 and gen 2. I want to draw an the iPad, do you think it doesn't matter if I buy the older one for drawing?


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