Apple Pencil 2 and Smart Keyboard Folio Review: New Ipad Pro Accesorries Worth getting?



Apple Ipad Pro Review Coming Soon!

Apple Pencil 2:
Apple Smart Keyboard:

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  1. Techology
    Techology says:

    Has the iPad and the iPhone always received updates separately? My 2018 iPad Pro has iOS 12.1.1 and it says it’s up to date, while my iPhone is at iOS 12.1.2. I know it’s small, but could this be a sign that Apple plans on separating the development of the iPhone OS and the iPad OS?

  2. Jared Braun
    Jared Braun says:

    I just paid $61 for a separate keyboard(Logitech keys to go) and a folio case from infiland. I could buy more then 3 sets of both of these for the same price as the apple keyboard case. Sorry I disagree with your opinion that the apple keyboard folio is worth it. I think the iPad is worth the price. Since it costs the same as my over priced iPhone XS Max.

    I’m hoping apple adds some functionality to the iPad in iOS 13. Until then I’ll get by with what I need.

  3. M3Vader
    M3Vader says:

    Definitely agree it’d be nice if you could erase using the other end of the pencil. I’ve accidentally double tapped the eraser a few times.

  4. Wonho Lee
    Wonho Lee says:

    Great review bro!! Originally, I also preferred to flip the pencil, but double-tapping does seem faster.. also, could you please do a review or share your thoughts on folio cases like this one?: I just think that if I wanted a keyboard to use like a laptop, I might as well get the 12 inch Macbook (so I'm still debating what I really wanna get)..

  5. rasalg
    rasalg says:

    Thank you so much for the comment about the magnetic hold for the pen not being strong enough for carrying it around. Walking around with the ipad and pen attached the pen placement gets in the way and I have to be very careful not to bump it because it comes of easily. I hate the reviews that keep shaking the ipad to show that the pen doesn’t fall off and say that the pen is holding on tight. Not so if you bump the pen itself.


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