Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader USB 3.0 iPad Pro Review - New 2015 Model!


Do feel the need – the need for speed? Then checkout our Apple Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader review for the brand new version that brings USB 3.0 speeds to the iPad Pro!

Shortly after the release of the iPad Pro – Apple quietly updated its Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to take advantage of the iPad Pro’s USB 3.0 support and this makes for a much much faster transfer of your photos and videos!

In this review we test it against the old USB 2.0 SD card camera reader from Apple to see just how much faster it actually is (hint: much much faster!!!).

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30 replies
  1. Wee Teoh
    Wee Teoh says:

    Hi please reply this. I really do need help. I just bought this cable yesterday. It can only import photos but not for videos! I saw some of the videos saying that have to connect to a PC to change the file name within 8 letters. But I don’t want to through a PC. I want to import videos straight away from the SD card using the cable

  2. cameraman655
    cameraman655 says:

    A little off topic, but are there ANY CF card readers out there that can be used with the iPad pro? Granted, SDs and Micro SDs are ruling the digi-photo world but some of old timers still shoot with CF armed DSLRs. My 5DMk III {SD and CF} 1Dx (2x CF slots) even my 7D MkII has a CF slot, so must still be a market for CF shooters. There has to be a reader out there that can read CFs and work with an iPad pro.

  3. Malica Hamilton
    Malica Hamilton says:

    I've head people saying that the video files don't show up on their iPad why Is that ? I want to get this for my iPad mini 4 to import videos and images from my cannon camera but I'm just curious why some people are having problems and how can they be solved.

  4. Jason Harris
    Jason Harris says:

    Do you get USB 3.0 speeds with an iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet? It sounds as though Apple site claims it's still 2.0 speeds for all devices except the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, is this correct?

  5. Cody Lynch
    Cody Lynch says:

    What's the highest capacity of SD cards it can support? Could it for instance support a 256gb SD card, so that way I could back up my iTunes movie purchases and just watch them off of the card instead of installing them onto the device? I've tried with a 128gb USB drive and it says it takes too much power.

  6. Health & Beauty Tips!
    Health & Beauty Tips! says:

    Got iPhone 6 with 16gb and used gb space near full and can't take any more photos/videos despite buying additional iCloud 50gb additional storage. Question is what's the remedy in order to take photos/videos? Tried removing some photos but not really a good solution.


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