Apple just got REKT by… themselves - Powerbeats Pro Review


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The new 2nd gen Airpods were impressive, but Apple’s new Powerbeats Pro are even MORE impressive, especially for active users. But are they good enough to impress non-athletes?

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43 replies
  1. Darkstardrew
    Darkstardrew says:

    Funny I am listening to this with my Powerbeats Pro. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Can say these are amazing and have tried both AirPods and these and will recommend these over AirPods any day. AirPods allow for outside sound to sneak through whereas these don’t. Overall, don’t regret my purchase at all.

  2. Frankie Cuellar
    Frankie Cuellar says:

    I wish I could buy it but I have Android phone so useless to buy them I hate Apple so much stitches headed by my favorite company of headphones an buy it an only make it work for their products!? Sure you could buy them but I won't some nowhere as good as their would with an Apple phone? f**** greedy bastards

  3. Blissful Martini
    Blissful Martini says:

    I just need wireless earbuds that don’t freak out when I’m on the treadmill. The Jabra 65t buds literally quit working when I start walking, and our treadmill is as old as me. I’m almost 26.

  4. chargerman 65
    chargerman 65 says:

    I love Beats had the Power Beat 1 and 2 and they were OK. I also have a couple pair of Beats X that I absolutely love along with Beats Studio 3 which are great. I found the Power Beats Pros on Amazon recently on sale for $199 so I ordered them. I love a lot of bass and when I put these in my ear they weren’t real deep bass and for that reason I almost returned them and really didn’t want to like them so I could save $200 but as I continued to listen I found them to be extremely clear and have the right amount of bass and treble. They are truly amazing and great video. Thanks


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