Apple iPad Review 1080p HD

W3Schools is the place to go for all things iPad. Even though the iPad is yet to hit UK shores, Lucy has managed to get here hands on one to give you her first impressions. So take a look; even if you hate Apple…go on, you know you want to.Subscribe now:

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37 replies
  1. voteboo
    voteboo says:

    @speedyduck38 Now, i don't want to sound racist, but your comment is redundant to a certain point. She is black, what the hell were you expecting??

    I well dressed lady????

    Color people are famous for their extravagant clothes and flashy colors. E.g. color on her nails don't even match anything on her "dress code" in this video.


  2. superchee2e
    superchee2e says:

    everybody mentions how heavy it is, yet none of them are body builders. . . lol. . . seriously though, i have one and it's not that heavy. (i am NOT a body builder.) i can hold it up for a while while playing games and everything. my arms do get tired after an hour or so though plus keyboard does suck if you use one hand to type with. and she makes it sound like it's ABSOLUTELY impossible. it's not. . .

  3. JonnhyB3Good
    JonnhyB3Good says:

    maybe the keyboard is that big ..cuz you should use both hands? just maybe…aniway i would take one if they cut the price in half, i think is better than ipod, reading book,pdf,docx and surfing the web is far better on bigger screen.
    about flash well, youtube work aniway, and for the rest you can jb it or w8 for html5 to become international standard, wich is very possible, even IE9 support it so, in the future we will not need flash anymore, need to w8 just 2 or 3 years LOL

  4. gondavalekar maharaj
    gondavalekar maharaj says:

    iPad is sexy, sleek, productive, have great apps in store, dose things beautifuly and greatly… i dont wanna comment on other products, i just feel that it is pointless just to say that " iPad sucks" without proper knowledge… its great, so GRAB it…

  5. 1313bazooka
    1313bazooka says:

    Yeah I have a question, is it possible on the iPad to controle the touchscreen by using ur penis? I have tried it with the iphone 3G but the screen is too small. Help appriciated


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