Apple iPad Pro | PROCREATE Review - Basics of Procreate | What Do I REALLY Think About This Tablet?


A Review of The Apple iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate! I will be going over the basics of Procreate as well as giving a Pros and cons of what I feel about the Ipad set up for making professional art. Ill give you a hint! This tablet is amazing!!!!!!

What I Got- 0:50
Basic Of Procreate- 2:45
Coloring Tips: 10:27
Final Image Time-lapse- 14:35
Pros and Cons- 18:50

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  1. Jasmine Weir
    Jasmine Weir says:

    I love my iPad and pencil, I used it for everything. If your not too fussed about getting a brand new one or the newest generation you can get some amazing deals second hand and a few stores will give you a new warranty. I upgraded to the second gen pencil and though I don’t really use the double tap feature I mainly did it because of the way it charges, I was always terrified about knocking the pencil and snapping the plug bit off in the charging port so having it charge while it’s in my case and not at risk of breaking is a relief 😄


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