Apple iPad Mini 2019 Review: Owning its niche


After three and half years of waiting we’ve finally a new iPad Mini. In a world of giant phones, how many people are still craving tiny tablets? If you’re one of those mini-tablet aficionados, check out our review for our final thoughts on the new iPad mini.

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31 replies
  1. Aaron Cooper
    Aaron Cooper says:

    What was the program or game you were tapping on so fast; was a memory game. Please let me know; looks like it may help with memorization or good brain game/learning.

  2. Stephen Rozas
    Stephen Rozas says:

    When someone tells you a device is practically magic and there's nothing wrong with it -dont listen to that person 🤦🏻‍♂️ at that point you're talking to a seller not a reviewer

  3. Stephen Rozas
    Stephen Rozas says:

    DON'T get the Pen.

    Its not smooth on the mini, doesn't feel optimized for the tablet whether because of software or hardware it just doesn't feel or operate right.

    You have to download and use other apps in order to have a true pen to tablet experience. The stock apple apps for the pen are trash.

    And DON'T ever update your devices o.s. past the.0 mark like 11.0 or 12.0, every time you update apple products it slows your performance bit by bit after each update "if it ain't broken don't to try to fix it"

    Sure you'll gain some features at the cost of your devices life expectancy, either by performance or battery life -or both.

    If your device out the box comes at 12.2 or something like that STAY there, when 13.0 hits update to that then STAY there. Apple does this thing where the .0 os is a fresh install meant to run buttery smooth on all all devices but after that it's trash.

  4. Heidi S
    Heidi S says:

    I picked this up at Verizon and it is much thinner than past models. Faster also. I been needing a smaller tablet for reading. I find the iPad pro is too big for reading comfortably. It is very sharp. There is nothing wrong with the bezel. Feels great in the hands

  5. VanMan 23
    VanMan 23 says:

    I know the bezels on the mini gives it an outdated look, but it still has functionality when it comes to holding it. Overall, I still like this design. It would be better to see an all new design, but the old look will suffice.

  6. Christine Roy
    Christine Roy says:

    I think keeping the original design keeps the mini rugged. I had the original and one thing I loved about it was it fit easily in my bike bag and could take it on a ride then stop for coffee and read or do something online. I didn't worry about it. Last year it finally got so painfully slow it was unusable. Maybe time for another?

  7. Stefanos K27
    Stefanos K27 says:

    Being a long time user of the 1st gen mini, I just got the 10.5" pro. And here I am watching this and having second thoughts! The mini is adorable and useful, specially for 4" SE users!

  8. Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez says:

    so in short it has the latest chip and specs but with old design and at a cheap price….. sounds like the poco f1 but with larger screen hahahaha… im planning to buy it (ipad mini 2019)


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