Apple iPad Mini 2019 Review: Is it still worth it?


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The iPad mini is back, apparently by popular demand. Many thought the mini might be gone for good, but much like Apple’s release of the iPhone SE, the company’s meeting users’ demands for a smaller, up-to-date device with the 2019 iPad mini. It’s a simple formula really: use the same mini form-factor, but stuff it with the company’s latest and greatest internals. After nearly four years with no new iPad mini releases, it seems Apple is pretty confident that fans of the mini will spring for the upgrade. But should you?
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23 replies
  1. Christine Roy
    Christine Roy says:

    I replaced my original mini with a Mini 5. I like the form factor for reading and watching YT. If it’s like my old one should last 5 years until iOS 15 or whatever bogs it down. Much bigger than even a large phone and smaller than a laptop. Just a tablet for tablet-y things, not trying to be a PC replacement.

  2. Digitalguy
    Digitalguy says:

    A8 wasn’t the best when mini 4 came out, as it came out at the same time as A9X a much faster CPU. Even the 1year older air 2 was faster with A8X


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