Apple iPad Keyboard Dock (Review)


The iPad Keyboard Dock from Apple is essentially the company’s compact keyboard fused with an iPad dock. The keyboard features iPad-specific function keys and allows easier text input while seated.

Apple announces a number of iPad accessories

Apple iPad Accessories



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  1. Patty Fulghum
    Patty Fulghum says:

    Thank you for this vid. I got a used keyboard and I could not find the user manual on the apple site. The other sites for downloading manuals are sketchy and I was afraid I would get a virus or spyware, as I always have, when I download from those suspicious sites. My, people have evil agendas. Thanks again!

  2. lee Taylor
    lee Taylor says:

    i bought this keyboard for my iphone before watching this video. it works perfectly fine what doesnt work? the only thing i found was you cant send a text from the keyboard you have to tap send on the phone

  3. Mansi Jain
    Mansi Jain says:

    Now-a-days market are totally flooded with new launched ipads which make difficult to select the desire for an user, because all the ipad have advanced to advanced applications which is user friendly for all.

  4. wdpn77
    wdpn77 says:

    too many keyboard cases for Apple iPad in the current market and Logitech iPad Keyboard and clamcase iPad case are better.But when you go to the market you can see they are price is too high.I am using Sharksucker Keyboard Case for Apple for my iPad, which have good quality and low price.Still it is working perfectly

  5. Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime says:

    I know this video is 2 years old. At the end of your video, you said that the keyboard does not work with the iPhone. Actually it does work with the iPhone because I have one and I use it with my iPhone 3GS.

  6. 3rikajoy06
    3rikajoy06 says:

    @JaySonIAm Just Got my iPad 2 today, and I am able to use it with the keyboard dock. It is slightly trickier to get the iPad 2 connected to the dock, due to the iPad 2s curved edge though

  7. daniel haarburger
    daniel haarburger says:

    Hey Mike, I've been following your feed for a while now and would love to get your thoughts on a product I just launched. It turns any Apple wireless keyboard into a keyboard dock for an iPad/iPhone. It'd love to hear your feedback (wingstand. com/kickstarter)

  8. BBnose
    BBnose says:

    no! at the end of the video, he said that it doesn't work for the iphone. if you put the iphone in here. it doesn't recognise the keyboard.

  9. ken khuzae
    ken khuzae says:

    i was hoping the dock was removable this is a huge kick on portability
    probably gonna buy the normal keyboard , and just get a smart cover ( im getting the ipad 2


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