Apple iPad Air 3 Review (2019)


Lisa Gade reviews the 2019 iPad Air 3, Apple’s middle of the lineup 10.5” iPad with a wide gamut laminated Retina display, A12 Bionic CPU, 3GB RAM and Apple Pencil 1 support. For those who want a current generation processor and high quality display, the Air 3 has definite appeal over the $329 iPad, yet it’s considerably less expensive than the 2018 iPad Pro 11” model. The iPad as usual is available with WiFi-only and WiFi+ 4G LTE cellular. It has Apple’s keyboard connector, a headphone jack and Lightning port. Pricing starts at $499 for the 64GB model.



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  1. Bytemare
    Bytemare says:

    Great review! Getting one today 🙂 How ever, this gold version, has a different gold-color compared to mine. Mine looks more "kobber-ish pink" than in this video. Very strange. Might just be youtube compression but, anyway I do like this new gold color. 🙂

  2. amirbahalegharn365
    amirbahalegharn365 says:

    please review this product.,,,it's really a great one,good weight,powerful to even charge in-running (gaming,encoding) for many laptop with below 230W adaptors,andvery cheap compared to others…please check real capacity for both phone charging & separately if only charging laptop is draining all it's juice:

  3. Danny Stefan
    Danny Stefan says:

    Nothing beats a Wacom tablet for drawing…period…i had an ipad pro 2017 at 10 inch with the first gen Apple pencil…yes they have good tablets but the price is always high and always not so much memory…and not expandable storage…

  4. eMRe
    eMRe says:

    Apple has just renamed the old "Pro" mostly and pushed it back as the new Air… Why is nobody mentioning this?

    Well, renamed AND crippled it a bit, to keep their obvious margins, of course…

  5. Titus Xie
    Titus Xie says:

    BEWARE IF YOU BUY NEW IPADS.. a cracked or faulty display will mean a need for a complete replacement of the device.. with no respite once you’re out of warranty

    my iPad Pro 10.5 suffers from a bright spot an inch from the home button which has affected many users as well.. an obvious hardware and manufacturing defect.. went down to the Apple store recently and they said they can’t just fix iPad displays and have to get the whole device replaced for almost S$700..

    So many people with the same issue!! 28 pages on macrumors!!!

    very very disappointed in the brand and this is coming from a long time apple fan. Unreliable products being made nowadays and a company who does not admit and take responsibility for their defective products

    Little wonder why they discontinued this model.. they need a repair program ASAP

  6. are vee
    are vee says:

    Two shirts in he same video? You'll always get thumbs up from me!

    P.S. I sold a 5 year old iPad a while back and was amazed at the resale value and how quickly it sold. Much better resale than an Android device.


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